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So long, winter! The season by the numbers: Seattle

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Viewer photo: Shawn Nichols

SEATTLE- Winter is the season that separates the wheat from the chaff. The chilly wet cold of our region that can keep Californians and Arizonans at bay, this year seemed to waterlog the spirits of even the heartiest of Northwesterners. Officially winter ends with the Vernal Equinox at 9:30pm Saturday in our time zone. And what a 90 days it has been.  Here is our winter by the numbers for Seattle… well, SeaTac Int’l Airport is our official reporting station for climate data.

Our warmest day this winter got up to 64 degrees (March 5th) and our coldest morning was 25 degrees (January 2nd). It was a relatively mild winter, we actually only saw 7 days at or below freezing at SeaTac this whole season. None of those days were in February or March.  A lot of that likely had to do with our wet weather pattern that held for most of the winter. The cloud cover and rain had a lot to do with our warmer than normal winter. 66 of the 90 days had measurable rain. And when winter ends, the Seattle National Weather Service office says this will also go down as the wettest winter on record with 20.12″ of rain at SeaTac.