Interstate 405 tolling suspended on nights and weekends — starting tonight

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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Washington state transportation officials have suspended Interstate 405 tolling on nights, weekends and holidays beginning Friday.

The Washington State Transportation Commission ordered emergency action Tuesday at the request of the Washington Department of Transportation.

Officials say now on nights and weekends a state "Good to Go" pass won't be required to access the toll lanes, nor will requirements for a carpool be in effect.

The transportation department has been under scrutiny from Gov. Jay Inslee, state lawmakers and drivers over the management of I-405 express toll lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood since they opened in September. Drivers have said the toll lanes are making traffic congestion worse.

The changes will remain in effect for 120 days or until the commission makes more permanent changes through a regular rule-making process including public hearings.

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