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Kim Jong Un is sending his personal girl band to China

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Kim Jong Un (File Photo)

(CNN) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is sending his personal girl band, Moranbong, to perform a week of shows in Beijing as Pyongyang seeks to improve relations with its main ally ahead of an important United Nations meeting.

On Thursday, the U.N. Security Council will discuss alleged human rights abuses in North Korea that have been compared to Nazi atrocities.

Activists hope that the U.N. will refer Kim to the International Criminal Court and China, a veto-carrying member of the Security Council, is North Korea’s best hope of avoiding such a result.

According to North Korean state news agency KCNA, the Moranbong Band, “a model of the Juche-based literature and art and a worldwide stylish band, will soon give friendship performances in China.”

The all-female group were formed in 2012 by Kim himself, and sing synthesizer-backed paeans about the repressive dictator’s “warm heart” and “sweet smile.”