Police: Father and son posed as cops, pulled over a woman in Oregon

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Kurt Von Allmen and Seth Von Allmen (booking photos)

SALEM, Ore. (KPTV) — Oregon State Police say a father and son pulled over a woman and pretended to be police officers.

It happened in Polk County on Highway 22 near Harmony Road.

The victim says the vehicle which appeared to be a police car was flashing its dual spot lights at her.

She said the man was wearing an all black uniform but suspected he wasn’t a real officer because of his rotten teeth.

He finally admitted he wasn’t a real officer after she asked him three times.

A trooper later pulled the car over in downtown Salem.

The car, a retired police black Ford Crown Victoria, had been re-outfitted with a console complete with radio, siren, PA system, and light bar, none of which appeared to work.

The passenger,18-year-old Seth Von Allmen had a baton, two sets of handcuffs, OC spray and several other times.

Police also found two batons, radios, citation books and mag lights and other police equipment in the car.

Police say Von Allmen’s father 65-year-old Kurt Von Allmen was driving.

Both were taken to Polk County Jail on charges of Impersonating a Peace Officer and Coercion. The younger Von Allmen also is charged with carrying a concealed weapon.