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Wanted 15-time felon, Seattle’s ‘most prolific commercial burglar’ — arrested by U.S. Marshals in Oregon

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FUGITIVE CAPTURED August 18, 2015 —
U.S. Marshals arrested Kevin Hill in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday.

He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on his fugitive warrant.

Talk about getting caught red handed! Take a look at the video below of Kevin Hill or ‘Hank’ as he’s known on the street. It was taken inside one of the numerous businesses or apartment buildings police say he’s broken into recently in the lower Queen Anne area of Seattle.

In another case, he tried to remove the camera. You can see him reaching up and fiddling with it, but usually he just doesn’t care if he’s seen.

Hill is easily one of the cockiest thieves we’ve ever featured. More surveillance video shows him walking through the garage of an apartment building. You can see he’s pigeon-toed. When he gets into the lobby he takes a crowbar and goes to work on the firebox that holds a master key to the building, eventually able to pop it right off.

Seattle Police took one look at all the video images and immediately recognized him because they’ve sent the 27 year old to prison before.

Detectives say he has 15 burglary convictions and has hit at least six businesses so far.

In one case, he used some kind of code to access the keypad to get inside the building. “He dinks around in there with some of the electrical and actually shuts down the elevator process so that nobody can come up and down,” says Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. “From there he just takes his merry old time, spends 10 to 12 minutes that we can figure in the room stealing various electronic items, puts them in a white garbage sack, including a 32” TV and leaves the building. Somebody knows where he’s at and we need to get this guy off the street.”

Hill is a self-admitted member of the Aryan Nation.

If you know where he’s hiding, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

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