It still burns: Marshawn Lynch alludes to final Super Bowl play in TV cameo

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SEATTLE — Ouch. The wound is still too fresh.

Seahawks star runningback Marshawn Lynch teamed up with the creators of the FXX’s The League recently to promote the show’s 7th Season, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Lynch, who typically has little to say to the media, and the cast of The League seem to have loads to say about the Seahawks final play in Super Bowl XLIX.

Well, that is if you read between the lines.

In the quick sketch, Lynch is on the beach discussing fictional business plans when another character far away asks for a beer. The quiet runninback is about to leave his seat and hand the guy a beer, but The League character Taco insists on throwing the beer instead.

Lynch protests.

“Just hand it to me,” Lynch says. “No need to throw it man. I can sleepwalk that thing to him, man.”

Of course, Taco decides to throw it in the end. Disaster ensues. Much like in Super Bowl XLIX.


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