WSP: Motorcyclist dies after hitting wrong-way driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORT ORCHARD — A motorcyclist was killed Friday morning after hitting a wrong-way driver.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Russ Winger received reports of a crash on westbound State Route 16 near Burley-Olalla Road in Port Orchard. According to Winger, a car made a U-Turn and drove the wrong way on an on-ramp to avoid traffic when it was hit by a motorcyclist.

Winger said the motorcycle was on the shoulder passing traffic when it struck the car.

Troopers are still investigating the crash.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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  • hellomurica

    Man… how fast was that motorcycle going? Obviously the guy who turned around is an idiot, but once again another motorcyclist feels he can do whatever he likes, this time driving on the shoulder and he paying the ultimate price for his impatience and entitlement.

        • Dar

          I hope no one in your family ever has an accident because it’s obvious you lack compassion. We drove by accident, saw the bike and knew it was a death. Gave me chills as I ride with my husband and know how many vehicles have no respect for motorcycles. Maybe he was wrong but a bike does not travel as well in stop and go traffic as a car. Investigation is still pending and we have seen several times news reports are going for sensationalism and not always factual. Well tonight we got a call to help family because it turned out we knew this person. Please think before you write . Thank you.

        • Mike

          Mark your a freaking tool. Really with your comment? Everything is fine for the guy on the bike if the driver didn’t perform a u-turn on a on ramp.

    • maybaby

      It has nothing to do with entitlement. There was a new bill passed making this legal last month during traffic so they don’t get rearended or overheated for aircooled motocycles.

      • Kevin Vetters

        But they can only be going 10 miles an hour faster than the traffic they are passing. If traffic is stopped, then the rider should have been only doing 10 mph. Also, traffic they are passing cannot be doing more than 25. This rider, unfortunately, was doing much more than that according to other reports.

        Very sad. Two people make mistakes and one pays the price.

        • hellomurica

          I didn’t even need to go to another site to realize that. Look at the damage – there’s no way he was going slow.

          This is a grim reminder to other motorcyclists to slow the hell down. You won’t win vs. a vehicle in a collision, and getting to your destination a few minutes early is not worth the risk of winding up severely mangled or worse.

    • J Matthew Phipps

      I drive this route every day at the same time in the morning. I was just behind the first accident and then a coworker told me about the motorcycle accident that happened just after. About 3 weeks ago, the same time in the morning, a motorcycle looking very much like the one in the picture screamed past me on the shoulder in almost the same location. At the time, I was doing 60. The bike must have easily been doing 90. Something tells me that this guy wasn’t new to the idea of using the shoulder illegally.

  • tim

    I understand that people who do not ride will think the motorcyclist was acting entitled or whatever. However i would like people who think this to try and hold a clutch with their hand for more than 5 min.. it hurts very quickly, i cant say to how fast the bike was going but i agree to the passing on the shoulder at a reasonable speed. My condolences to the family of the rider. And i hope the person who did a Uturn on the freeway learned a valuable lesson.

    • Bobby

      Tim, I am not a motorcyclist so I do not know but does the transmission not have a neutral? Or is it even in neutral you still have to hold the clutch lever in?

      • Justin Thyme

        They do have a neutral which requires a half click up on the foot shifter. But most times with stop and go traffic, doing that isn’t very convenient and requires a lot of pulling of the clutch/clicking with the foot.

          • Chaz

            Not quite. A manual transmission in a car is easy to switch from any gear to neutral and vise versa with just the move of a stick. While on a motorcycle, gears are sequential. For example, if you are in 6th and want to shift to 2nd, you would have to hold the clutch and click the shifter down 4 times. It takes more time to put it in neutral and back into gear than it does to just hold the clutch.

    • hellomurica

      Bikes have a neutral if it starts getting uncomfortable. I had a bike years ago, so I am well aware of fatigue. It’s not hard to click into neutral.

  • Rokkoon

    It’s pretty common practice for motorcyclists to ride up the shoulder if traffic is dead stopped for a long period of time, especially air cooled motorcycles on a hot day, but you have to do so using extreme caution.

        • Kevin Vetters

          Legal, but within limits. As I said in my earlier response, the rider can only be doing 10mph more than the traffic they are passing. And traffic cannot be going faster than 25mph. So at most, the motorcyclist can only pass traffic at 35mph. Since this was stopped traffic, they should have only been doing 10mph, which would have enabled them to avoid the car.

  • Frank D.

    This type of accident is bound to happen. Last year I believe the Great thinkers in Olympia gave the OK for motorcycles to ride in between traffic jams and shoulder of the road.

  • Mike

    The comments here from people that do not ride are just idiotic. Lane sharing is safe, multiple studies have proven that. Saying that it’s not because of 2 people breaking the law is just wrong. And lane sharing/splitting is not legal in WA, bill is still pending. MARK MCFARLAND, I am glad you are retired from law enforcement because you a prick.

  • Danno

    It’s been legal for years for motorcycles to ride the shoulder in traffic jams. Lane splitting, is a new bill that is still pending…. Learn the true facts before you spew out useless garbage people!

  • Nancy

    Um, did everyone miss this part “According to Winger, a car made a U-Turn and drove the wrong way on an on-ramp to avoid traffic when it was hit by a motorcyclist.” The driver of the car was at fault. Everyone wants to jump on the “anti-motorcycle” bandwagon but fail to pay attention to the cause of the accident… Another dumbass person that can’t drive a car!

  • jeff

    This article is messed up. It really makes it seem like it’s the riders fault when the car was going the wrong way on an onramp. The wrong way!

    RIP rider. Sad to loose someone.

  • Garnet

    This is a tragedy. For those that say “riding on the shoulder is legal, look it up”……please share where you are finding this. True, the car was going the wrong way. It just seems that we can at least learn something factual seeing as someone lost their life.

    • ontheboat

      as far as I’m aware driving on the shoulder is illegal, even in California that’s illegal.

      So I too would LOVE to see the actual RFC # from the people claiming otherwise.

      • Mike

        Driving the wrong direction on a on ramp is also illegal, do you need to see that law? Or because it’s a car it does not matter?

        • ontheboat

          I’m not arguing that point at all, but supposed bikers in this thread are saying being on the shoulder is legal, and not only that were kinda dicky about it telling everybody to ‘learn the law’

          So, all I’m saying is put up or shut up.

          The bikes speed and being on the shoulder is probably the difference between the driver getting a traffic infraction and jail time though.

    • Anna Lynn Rasmus

      There are signs out there that say shoulder driving permitted from 5-7pm. Im not sure thats the exact time but I drove by them everyday and used the shoulder almost everyday as do hundreds of people who live out there.

  • lynn.

    Yes we all have comments on both drivers but its a time for mourning the past, you guy’s should wait to make your comments on the drivers, you all probably was raised right and was taught respect, I didn’t know the driver,s.

  • I hate irresponsible drivers and motorcyclists.

    To make a long story short, a wrong way-driving idiot killed a shoulder-driving idiot. That’s all she wrote. Hey, two good news in one day!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Cause and Effect

    Whenever a reckless driver or motorcyclist makes my wife jumpy on the road, I tell her, smiling. “Relax. They will soon meet the Road Justice… ” Just like this story………..

  • J. Young

    If the druver of the car never makes this u-turn, this never happens. Period. I was long time friends w the motorcyclist and he was a father, a young man who was engaged and doing the right things in life. This stings heavily and innappropriate comments shouod be removed for his family’s sake, if not just for decency altogether. You shouod know that he served in the military his entire adult life and did so proudly and honorably. No, this was a good man, and I am sure he wasn’t riding like an “entitled” motorist. Show a little class McFarland, others.

  • Anna Lynn Rasmus

    I lived out on the Key Peninsula and from Purdy on, during high traffic times you are allowed to drive on the shoulder and pass people. mainly to avoid back ups on the freeway. It is a dangerous area for regular drivers. This could have happened to anyone , it is very sad all the way around . on a bike , you don’t have to be going very fast for there to be a bad accident although it looks as though he may have been speeding. This was not due to the impatient’s and entitlement of this young man, this was due to the impatient’s and entitlement of the driver who felt the need to flip a u and drive the wrong way onto the ramp to avoid traffic. It was ultimately the other drive who broke the law, costing this young man and his family his life.