Was this driver pulled over in Kirkland by undercover cop … or an impostor?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KIRKLAND -- William Maupin said Wednesday he was driving on I-405 in Kirkland when he was pulled over by what he thought was an undercover officer in an unmarked police car Tuesday.

"I was driving my car and looked behind me and lights were flashing," Maupin said. "I thought I was getting pulled over for a speeding ticket.

"He pulled over, got behind me but he didn't come to a complete stop. He kept going, drove by me really slowly and parked about 75 yards in front of me."

Maupin said he thought it was odd, but he pulled up to the unmarked car anyway.

"I thought it was an officer. I didn't want to approach him in a threatening way, so I was driving up really slow and by the time I got next to him he had opened his door, got out and had his gun and yelled, 'What the f*** are you doing?'

"Then I grabbed my phone in my center console, picked it up and said, I'm recording this."

Maupin said he and his passenger asked the man for his identification, but weren't given any ID or any real answers, so they drove away.

We showed Maupin's video to Washington State Patrol Sgt. Keith Leary.

"My first reaction is if it is a police officer, there's definitely some issues going on there," Leary said. "If this is a real police officer, in my opinion, being a previous field training officer, is there probably needs to be some retraining there."

Leary noted that when an officer pulls you over, he normally parks behind you.

"I'm going to introduce myself, I'm going to say, hi, I'm Sergeant Keith Leary with the Washington State Patrol, the reason why I stopped you today was for ... then I'm going to ask you for your driver's license, your registration and your proof of insurance -- those are the three things we say in our sleep."

The State Patrol says they had another report of a possible police impersonation Wednesday on southbound I-5 in Everett. The driver reported an unmarked car and an alleged officer in street clothes who said he would mail the driver's ticket to their home.







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      • Chal

        If the car is UNMARKED how are you supposed to know if it’s supposedly WSP? If this is what he RCW says sorry, it doesn’t work. BTW, unless you can point to it, and I’m really sure you can’t since I have researched this before, it applies to ALL.

      • Chal

        Well I just looked it up myself. You are severely mistaken. NO AGENCY may use unmarked cars for traffic patrol/stops.

          • ontheboat

            Cops not allowed to use unmarked cars in WA is a very old debate. But use your eyes! Cops do it ALL THE TIME. Shooting unarmed men is also illegal and police in Wa and everywhere else also do that a lot. Whether or not WSP is allowed to do it, you damned straight better pull over for red and blue lights, if you are at all concerned the thing to do is call 911 and ASK THEM.

  • BearTex3

    Holly and Chal

    Just to let you know I work out on I-5 north of Seattle and we have unmarked WSP escorting us every night and guess what they pull over cars all the time. Also we have worked with local agencies i.e.Sheriffs and Local city Police on different jobs and have watched their unmarks pull over traffic violations. Especially when a car decides to speed through a work zone. You can see the WSP unmarked cars sitting on I-5 on the side of road all the time just waiting to pull someone over.

  • dg54321

    I’m not going to pull over for a car that doesn’t have the proper decals and an “exempt” plate. I’ll keep driving and call 911 to verify whether or not that’s a real cop, or until I see an actual WSP cruiser marked as such.

    Someone pulled out a gun like that, lights or not, and they’re playing a very dangerous game that could get them killed.

  • Jeff Hart

    State patrol can not do traffic enforcement in an unmarked car. Even there manual clearly states a traffic enforcement car will be white in color and with lights on the roof. They went to the legislator this year and asked for that to be changed and were told no. They have no given these drivers a piece of paper saying they have decided its okay. So now they make and enforce the laws. were really free! This cop should be fired he has no skills to work with the public and feels free to violate the constitution at will.

  • Robert

    I don’t know what the law states but the WSP used to use unmarked gray Crown Vics. Now they use the new interceptor based on the Ford Explorer unmarked in any color. I’ve seen two different ones with people pulled over on the I5 withon the last month. They have WSP plates and proper lighting hidden behind the grill and tinted rear windows.