‘Charlie’s Angel:’ Yakima County deputy keeps promise to woman in need by taking care of her dog

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charlieYAKIMA COUNTY — We want to give praise to the recent example of care and compassion shown by a Yakima County Sheriff’s deputy.

Deputy John Duggan has been taking care of ‘Charlie’ the dog at his home since promising her owner he would make sure her pet was safe.

‘Charlie’s’ owner was found laying on the side of the road in Yakima on Thursday by two Good Samaritans who called police. When Dep. Duggan arrived to help her he recognized her as someone he knew who had a history of substance abuse issues.

After strong convincing to get her some help, ‘Charlie’s’ owner agreed as long as Dep. Duggan promised her he’d make sure ‘Charlie’ would be safe and taken care of.

After asking animal shelters but not being able to find one or anybody to take ‘Charlie’ in, Dep. Duggan took the little dog in himself.

Washington’s Most Wanted greatly endorses the Sheriff’s Office in saying Dep. Duggan’s actions are an excellent example of the professional and caring deputies that serve the citizens of Yakima County!