Police officer pulls over funeral procession for moving too slow on California freeway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cell phone video captured an altercation along a busy California highway Friday after a police officer pulled over a funeral procession.

A California Highway Patrol officer is seen in the video arguing with upset family members after the procession's traffic escort was stopped and ticketed. The escort was taking about 100 cars to a cemetery in the Hollywood hills.

"Can you explain to all of us why you pulled a whole family over?"

Rachel Behn-Humphrey told KTLA her mother was going to be buried that day. She said the officer claimed the procession was moving too slowly on Interstate 10.

"And then looking and seeing the car my mom was in on the side of the freeway too. That was embarrassing. That was very embarrassing and very hurtful," Behn-Humphrey told KTLA.

The traffic stop ended up causing further congestion on the freeway and they arrived at the cemetery an hour later than planned, she said.

"A lot of family members didn't make it do the gravesite ... we sat on the side of the freeway so long they had to leave. I saw some drive past," said Behn-Humphrey.

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  • hellomurica

    Unreal. What kind of ***hole cop would do this? Behavior like that should result in termination on the spot. No respect for grieving a family.

  • T. Linda Truth

    I understand the family’s anger, but adults cursing and saying that the officer should have been punched in the mouth and is taking his job “too seriously” illustrates to me a complete disregard for authority and points to why things are the way they are in this country. According to news accounts, the lead motorcycle escort got onto the highway and stopped traffic so the 100+ vehicle funeral procession could enter the roadway at 20 mph. It appears as if the officer may have pulled him over to avoid a serious accident. Maybe not the best judgement, but I guess when I hear the type of vitriol spewed at the officer by people of his own race, using the words they used – including the “hated” N word – it is just sad. Why do black people “come together” around perceived race issues but treat each other so terribly?

    • Dudley J

      I’m a black man myself and all I can say is that is such a good question. What I have observed over my forty years is that black community likes to cry foul and play the victim card when it suits them. But then we as a community have many examples of treating each other just as bad as we claim to be treated. Until that cycle stops you will continue to see this kind of vitrol between black people. Its a shame. And as I see protests and demonstrations about equality I sometimes shake my head for a simple reason. While I have had my own experiences with racism and stereotypes those experiences a very far and few for me becasue I conduct myself with some dignity and integrity which results in me being treated with respect and no differently than anyone else of any background. And when I look at the black community and how some people act I cant help but to feel like we bring some of theses things upon ourselves.

      • T. Linda Truth

        I am there with you Dudley J. There is this feeling that blacks are monolithic and that is not the case. Everyone has different experiences. Protests, demonstrations, and sit-ins all had and have a place in making change. What I will never understand or get behind is rioting and looting. And I grew up in a time where every family – black, white, hispanic, asian – exhibited respect for authority, respect for one another (more or less), and respect for self; the last being most important. Much of that is non-existent today, so anything is acceptable. Saddens and sickens me.

      • olivia

        @sheila this is not a race issue funeral processions are slow so people should get over them self’s,I’m black and to me the cop was disrespectful for pulling over a funeral procession, it won’t feel good when its your mother or child

    • olivia

      You will never know how it feels until its you,I would off punched the cop n the mouth when a funeral procession is going on,people have to respect that race is not the issue here.its callled having respect for the deceased period

  • sheila

    If you can’t do the speed then you shouldn’t be on the freeway! Dumb shits just wanting everyone else to bow-down to their idiotic ideas! Next we will hear them say that the offending officer was being a “racist” or something and Al Sharpton will be involved! I swear “common sense” isn’t so common after all!

    • olivia

      @sheila this is not a race issue funeral processions are slow so people should get over them self’s,I’m black and to me the cop was disrespectful for pulling over a funeral procession, it won’t feel good when its your mother or child

  • Mike Jenkins

    We live in a police state. You are no longer free. This is the ego of police that can murder unarmed people at will and nothing ever happens even when it is caught on tape. And you are all responsible. Your complacency was your downfall. You are now subjects not citizens.

  • alc

    Why would a funeral director take the procession on an interstate?
    There are minimum speeds on interstates, and they weren’t observing them

  • Joseph A

    I have encountered this funeral escort service before while driving to school. Both times at the 101/5/10 interchange.. The first time I had to slam on my breaks because the motorcyclist appeared to look like a police officer. I was confused as if I was getting pulled over or what not. I also tried very hard not to hit him or any other cars. I had no idea what the person was trying to tell me or if the other cars wanted to change lanes. The second time they didn’t want to let me off the 10 at my exit. I am sorry for everyone’s loss, and want the grieving process to be as easy or pain free ass possible. I do think the officer noticed a safety concern with the the escort and other traffic.