Puyallup’s Rogers High School to increase security Friday after threatening message found

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PUYALLUP — The Puyallup School District said Thursday that there would be extra security at Rogers High School on Friday after a threatening message was found written on a bathroom wall at the school.

“Late Thursday afternoon a message written on a bathroom wall at Rogers High School was discovered and brought to the attention of administration,” the district said on its web page.

“The message is threatening in nature, against Rogers High School in general,” it added. “Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating the situation, and they believe that school will be safe for staff and students to attend tomorrow, Friday, February 27. Additional security throughout the day will be provided.”

No other details were provided on the threatening message.

In a bizarre twist, a high school in Rogers, Alabama by the same name was closed because of the threat, our sister station WHNT reports. Rogers High School in Alabama was closed during the confusion, with officials believing the threat to the Puyallup school was in fact made to the school in Alabama.

Officials in Alabama quickly discovered the error, but still canceled classes for the day.


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  • Bria

    They really need to close the school. School shootings keep increasing. I don’t believe that a few more security guards can keep everyone safe let alone prevent it entirely. The only way to do that is to find the person who wrote the threat or close the school. They talk a big talk about keepping all the students safe the should act upon what they say!

  • Stefanie

    I would like to knkw why oarents of the elementry school next door were not notified!!! A baseball feild is all that seperates the two schools!!!My child attends the elementary and i had no word of this until i read your ppst last night…why did the school district not call parents or at least send a letter home!!!!

  • Nancy

    Rogers High School notified parents very quickly yesterday. The threat was to Rogers only, Zeiger is not close enough to be involved. There are police everywhere there today. It’s a hard call to make, most likely a kid trying to be funny (and it’s definitely not funny) but they can’t cancel school everytime kids do this otherwise they would be doing this all the time to get school cancelled. The reality is if someone really wanted to go shoot the school up they most likely would not give a warning as to when and where it will happen. I hope they find who did it and he gets in very big trouble so it discourages others from making these threats. Still very scary and honestly the media getting involved freaked the kids out even more.