Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell: Why I called pass play at end of game

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • DHawk

    Your explanation makes no sense. If you wanted to burn time you don’t throw the ball-that either ends up as a TD, incompletion with the clock stopping, or an INT. Good grief.

  • CBP

    Your call was totally uncalled for. I hope this haunts you until your dying day!
    It was a cheap shot and an uneducated guess.
    And we gave a big pay raise to Marshawn for his expertice and you failed to use that expertice in a critical area.
    You lost the Super Bowl for the Hawks. Glad I’m not your boss or you would be offensive cordinator of Bopunk highschool.

  • DrWeb

    Reblogged this on DrWeb's Domain and commented:
    Worst call by any coach in any Super Bowl, ever.. game on the line, history teaches you, you don’t go outside the box when you don’t have to; they didn’t have to pass…

  • Joe

    Let me see inches to go, defense is cramming in the zone, no where to spread out, yea instead of ramming up the middle to achieve the inches needed, why not throw a pass designed for yardage when you need one stinking foot. So the odds are that passing in to a storm of resistance is a bad idea.

  • Jay

    Bye, Bevell, get off our team! This was a terrible call and I know that for many 12’s the loss hurts even more because we were SO close to bringing the Lombardi back to Seattle. You don’t throw when you’re one yard away from the end zone. Feed the beast!

  • heather

    being a loyal seahawks fan i am truly disappointed in the fact that you threw lockette under the bus so to speak….you are a team…you know the motto…..we all we got, we all we need, if anyone should know that you should…and you stand by your team no matter what……you made the it didn’t go as planned …..then it is up to you to own it…i hope you are man enough to apologize to ricardo….you owe him ,the team and us fans that much…..that was the stupidest play call ever……next time FEED THE BEAST

  • John

    The Bevell bowl. Worst play call ever. Does he accept responsibility? No, he throws Lockette under the bus by saying he “could have been stronger to the ball”. Fire his ass.

    • Frustrated

      That’s what’s making me sick. Pete and Russell taking the blame, everyone else having each others’ backs…except this guy. Not cool.

  • chawk

    That makes no sense. You were paid off and are a coward, passing the blame off to Lockette. You should be ashamed of yourself. The rest of Seattle/Washington sure as hell is. Get off our team, you’re a great fit for the Cheatriots. You’re not fooling anyone, you coward

  • Roger

    Commenters – stop saying this was a bad call, or this was “out of the box”. Look at this seasons’ statistics – for all plays from the 1 yard line, there were 223 run attempts and 109 pass attempts. A passing play is not “out of the box”. And of the 109 pass attempts, NONE were intercepted before this one. So it was most certainly not a bad call. It was just a horrible result.

  • Nate

    I’m sorry but seriously please leave. With one yard you hand it to the beast and let him do his business but no, you make the most stupid call you can possibly think of and what twists my mind even more is that you blame it on Lockette. How is he responsible for your crappy play. Mr. Bevel, you made us lose the Super Bowl so please leave Seattle doesn’t need a dumbass like you coaching our team