Troopers looking for 18-year-old accused of pimping out underage girls in 4 counties

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mikael Z. Williams

Mikael Z. Williams

PIERCE COUNTY — The Washington State Patrol is looking for a 18-year-old man accused of pimping out multiple underage girls for sex.

Mikael Z. Williams allegedly trafficed underage girls for sex in Pierce, King, Thurston and Snohomish counties.

The investigation into Williams began after a mother seeking the whereabouts of her runaway 15 year-old daughter located an ad on advertising her daughter for sex, the Washington State Patrol said.  The mother in turn contacted law enforcement.

Williams is the younger brother of Michael Williams who is being held on numerous sex-related offenses in Pierce County Jail.

Detectives allegedly learned that Mikael Williams was aware of the sex trafficking, including renting some of the hotel rooms used, and expected to be paid for his part in the “business,” the WSP said.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mikael Williams is asked to call 911.

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  • blah

    So… there are so many men wanting to purchase a 15 year old girl’s body to have sex with it that other men can make a lucrative business out of it. I never can get my mind around that. Purchasing a human being to use for sex… What kind of person does that?!?! News flash: The bodies you purchase to screw have human beings attached. Something definitely wrong with the male of the human species. If you don’t like that statement, then be sure to not generalize about other groups. After all, other groups repeatedly get judged and stereotyped based on the worst qualities that some of them have. So I figure it’s justice to do it right back to the demographics (men and white man) who get judged to be better than they are based upon the few of them that have good qualities. Men are smarter because Einstein was male? Hardly. Men are stronger and taller and more courageous? Hardly. I’ve encountered so many sniveling weak men and they go through life being given credit for characteristics they don’t have while the rest of us are judged by the worst of our demographics.

  • Remaining Anon

    He tried to do this to me when I was 12… I got away. But I could have been one of the first victims. I’m glad he’s been caught. I had no idea he was trafficking girls. Haven’t talked to him in years. He is a very bad person. Smh.