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Police release terrifying footage of abduction in Philadelphia

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Even without sound, the video is disturbing.

In a series of black and white images, it shows a man appearing to drag a woman down the street and force her into a car.

Philadelphia Police released the footage Monday in the hopes of catching the suspect, who they describe as an unknown black male of medium-heavy build, 25-30 years old.

He’s seen in the video wearing a dark jacket with a hood, a dark hat and dark pants.

Police have identified the victim as 22-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. She was taken in the Germantown-Penn Knox part of the city, shortly before 10 p.m. ET on Sunday night.

A witness reported that Freeland-Gaither yelled for help. The video shows her tussling on the ground with her abductor, and being forced into a four-door vehicle, possibly a gray Ford Taurus.

Just before the vehicle pulled away, Freeland-Gaither broke out the driver and passenger side rear windows, police said. Her glasses and cell phone were dropped onto the road.

“If you see this suspect do not approach him, contact 911 immediately,” police wrote.

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  • Shawn

    So what is the deal with the car that stopped and backed up? Where they connected to that or did they see something and leave? IF they did see something and left they need to contact the police and tell them what they saw.

  • Sam St Michael

    If he knew he was being recorded… Do you think he would’ve stopped? #UbnAppd IF this woman would’ve had #UbnAppd she should have started recording that perp before he approached her. And IF the witness had the app, they should’ve done the same thing. The light from recording perp may have stopped the abduction from happening! if not, then footage can NOT be deleted or erased, is better than a sketch of perp, would have notified her emergency contacts in minutes and not waiting days later to get info or GPS etc. *and WHO was in that 2nd car?!* Things could be so different IF people would get #UbnAppd $29.99/yr is priceless compared to the unknown. We hope they find her alive and OK. ***PLEASE SHARE***

    • Anti vulture

      I hate you. How useless to fight for your life with some shitty app. I hope this woman is found alive. This is awful. I can’t believe someone saw a woman screaming for help and drove their car backwards a ridiculous distance instead of doing ANYTHING else.

      • Sam St Michael

        In response to, ‘how useless to fight for your life with a shitty app’… Let me highlight a few things for you ‘Anti Vulture’. 1st notice that THIS *SURVEILLANCE VIDEO* See the word video, went VIRAL on almost ALL media outlets. 2nd; notice it has NO SOUND… 3rd; notice she dropped her cell probably so someone would find it and see if she’s missing since she may not have noted the surveillance camera. 4th; and I truly believe that she IS alive because this was CAUGHT ON VIDEO AND GONE VIRAL TO MOST MEDIA *if no camera, filming, caught on tape….then I would pretty much bet the farm that the news would have gone UN noticed and she would have vanished without a trace* 5th; she didn’t have time to call 911 and if so, may have been placed on hold *it has happened*

        So to sum up what I am getting into your lovely little mind…. Is to think outside of it and actually LOOK INTO WHAT THIS SHITTY APP CAN DO. :) I’ll even brake it down for ya. 1st; IF she had it, ONE press of a button it would RECORD VIDEO AND AUDIO. *it’s great to get a face but having being able to HEAR what was going on, said etc that could be priceless on ANY abduction case*
        2nd; it goes straight into the Cloud servers and CAN NOT be deleted or erased for 30 days. Unlike any cell recording or pic. *priceless again for emergency contacts to look up on your people whom you can not get a hold of*
        3rd; Your EMERGENCY CONTACTS ARE NOTIFIED that you uploaded a video and can see it via a link *with GPS, SOUND & IN COLOR* You can have 1 emergency contact or MULTIPLE! *just think if she had 5 contacts, those 5 people would’ve been known she needed help and fast!*
        4th; Those contacted could have downloaded the video and POSTED TO FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE etc to get that info out as fast and as viral as possible!
        5th; if this were a domestic violence or repeat offense etc *can burn DVD’s and placed in safety deposit box or take to police and used as evidence in court if need be.*
        6th; in this case…she was lucky it WAS under surveillance and IF she had #UbnAppd, it would’ve sent notification to her contacts in minutes, not days…with GPS. Even if you don’t get a face or car or license plate…you get the words/sounds of what is going on and not a silent scary movie.

        I hope that enlighten some of the ‘shit’ you seem to think of what technology can bring or change in a world full of creeps and bad people. And BTW, this ‘shitty app’ is made to hopefully PREVENT or CAPTURE a Crime or Incident. *Witness it…Record it & Report it!* Bullying, missing & exploited persons, road rage, domestic violence, custody issue, safety for students, college students, walking alone, waiting for the bus or a ride *like this original video* This ‘shitty app’ can and HAS helped many in various situations. PLUS gives back to charities, helps fundraising for schools and much more. This ‘shitty app’ had more thought, sweat and tears poured into it than you could ever imagine. Try to ‘hate’ that. *I know, haters gonna hate* At least I don’t hide my name or my thoughts. Good luck with your ventures and hope your never need a ‘shitty app’ such as this…. But maybe you might change your views a little.

        Which would you rather buy your loved one…
        A pine box casket $398
        A Deluxe casket $10,000 +
        or $29.99 per YEAR on an app that MAY save a life? That choice is yours. if you want the app.