Bottle bomb injures adult outside Redmond school; district closes 2 schools, locks down 1

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

REDMOND — Parents are shaken after a bottle bomb exploded outside a Redmond elementary school Monday morning.

It happened just minutes after school buses dropped off kids. No children were injured.

Cops said the device was a plastic bottle filled with a low-level acid – something like a common household cleaner. It exploded near two bus drivers; one was sent to a hospital to be checked out.

The incident happened early Monday morning before classes started at Redmond's Emily Dickinson Elementary School, which meant there were few kids around.

Parents worried it could have turned out much worse.

“It was scary knowing that there was an explosion in the parking lot,” said parent Shelly Clark.

Worried parents rushed to Emily Dickinson, hoping to bring comfort to their students.

“We were just told there was a suspicious object on the elementary school property and for precaution sake they were going to take them over,” said parent Erin McDaniel.

Nearby Evergreen Middle School was placed on a modified lockdown. It’s also where moms and dads were told to pick up their kids.

“Knowing that the Marysville-Pilchuck High School, which had something happened to them a couple weeks ago, that was scary and knowing about this, I hope everybody’s OK” said Clark.

The explosion happened in a parking lot at Emily Dickinson Elementary, where school buses had just dropped off kids at the middle school. District officials said the buses were parked and waiting for the next route.

“One of the drivers got out of the bus, was walking towards the other bus and some kind of explosive device went off,” said Kathryn Reith, of the Lake Washington School District.

Some kids were inside Dickinson when the blast happened but officials said they were nowhere near the explosion.

Other students were en route to Dickinson when the district decided to cancel classes at both Dickinson and at nearby Explorer Elementary.

The blast has shaken parents and neighbors.

“We’ve had bears here, we’ve had cougars here, and we’re able to cope with that,” said neighbor Nancy Everhardt. “This is getting a little to close, a little bit too close.”

A bomb squad scoured the campuses looking for more devices but nothing was found.

Classes at both Dickinson and Explorer are scheduled to resume Tuesday.

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  • Fee Foe

    In a related story, the inhabitants of Long Island are being evacuated due to indications that a baking soda and vinegar volcano is due to erupt sometime between now and the conclusion of a local middle school science fair.

  • JP

    I propose a statewide initiative to begin background checks on all bottles bought and sold. We need to close the bottle sale loophole!

    • Fee Foe

      Did you know that ISIS forces recently overran a railroad depot in Western Syria using nothing more than shaken cans of soda? Word has it that at one point the battle grew so fierce that the devastating devices were being lobbed by the six pack. In the end, the resultant mess was so sticky that U.S. media outlets were urged to refrain from broadcasting the pictures of what was left of the Syrian Army detachment charged with defending the facility. It is also claimed that, in contravention to the Geneva Convention, ISIS commanders tortured captured Syrian Army regulars by compelling them to drink those cans which had, “fizzed out,” after being force-fed packets of Pop Rocks.