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Georgia mother killed trying to protect baby who survived 13 hours in toilet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SMYRNA, Ga. — A Georgia mom is being hailed as a hero, spending her last moments alive protecting her 6-month-old baby.

According to WGHP, 33-year-old Jessica Arrendale was with her husband, 30-year-old Antoine Davis, Saturday night when the former Marine grew violent and abusive.

Davis grabbed a gun, and ran after Arrendale, who took her baby daughter and locked themselves in a bathroom. But police told WGHP that Davis was set on destruction, and broke down the bathroom door and shot Arrendale in the head.

Police called to the scene by neighbors did not immediately enter the home, fearing their actions could harm Arrendale, as it was unknown if she was alive or dead. But when they finally entered the home, they found Arrendale dead in the bathroom, leaned over the toilet.

Inside the toilet, police said, they found the baby girl, apparently hidden there by her mother as a last act. The mother’s body was partially covering the baby, police said.

Davis was found dead in another room in the house from a gunshot wound.

Arrendale’s family believes Davis would have also shot the baby, had it not been for her mother’s last act to hide her.

Friends and family have set up a gofundme page to help offset the cost of the funeral and aid in the education of Arrendale’s children.

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  • April Moore

    So sad that someone so beautiful, chose such a loser for a partner, she could have had anyone she wanted. Tragic but thank God her baby is alright.

    • April Spidell

      U seem to be judging based on looks alone. Being a man in the miltary who served in war causes severe mental issues. This may have been an amazing man who flipped from the war. I find your comments very shallow and really got under my skin. No doubt she was a great mom and beautiful person but u cannot judge people the way u have.

  • Ofam

    PTSD is going to throw a lot of these headlines our way. The fact we ignorantly believe we are born with the right to arm ourselves will only exacerbate the problem. Time to wake up and smell the gun smoke…

  • Cheryle Kelley

    I have a story that any one using Face book should hear . There is another scam going around and in the beginning sounds great but it is NOT REAL . They want YOUR MONEY . Some older people just might fall for it , I don’t believe it at all however it took some questions before I got them to the point . I also found out they may have compromised my whole security system . I have no idea how they got on my friend list as I don’t know them at all .So if Q13 would like to know the story and let others find out details let me know. Thank you