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Armed robber swipes expensive jewelry, threatens to shoot downtown Seattle Nordstrom workers

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Surveillance video shows how cool and calm an armed robber was when he stole diamond rings during a heist at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store.

He comes into the store wearing a tan hat and a blue nylon jacket. He goes right to the jewelry department where he told the clerk he was shopping for his fiancé. He spent the next 10 minutes gaining the clerk's trust until he got to the more expensive pieces. He really liked the engagement ring you see below with the yellow diamond.


Detectives say he then unzipped his jacket, showed the clerk a gun said he was taking that ring. "He grabs the item and he says I'm going to take these other items also, so he does and tells her do not interfere, do not follow me. I will shoot you and the other person in this store,” says Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound.

Take a look at the other pieces of jewelry he stole: A diamond ring with ‘Bony Levy’ stamped on the inside, and a necklace and pendant.


"Well if you look at this case and you think he's got some pretty good taste,” says Carner. “I mean he's taken some pretty high end items here. This is an armed robbery. The fact is he's armed, he's dangerous, and he's probably going to do it again unless we get him off the streets.”

After he left, detectives say he put on a bicycle helmet and pedaled away on a white colored mountain bike.

He was carrying a blue shoulder bag.

One clue that may help you identify him is a distinct tattoo on his left hand of three straight lines between his thumb and index finger.

If you know his name, call an anonymous tip into:


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