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Bill Wixey ‘retires’ old white dress shirt, some Facebook fans misunderstand and freak out

Photo from Bill Wixey's Facebook page

Photo from Bill Wixey’s Facebook page

SEATTLE — The emotion on Bill Wixey’s face was clear as he made the announcement on his Facebook page after Wednesday morning’s newscast.

“A moment of silence for ye olde white dress shirt,” wrote the Q13 FOX News This Morning anchor. “After many years, and hundreds of hours on air, I’m officially retiring it today. Fare thee well, old shirt. You have served me well.”

Within an hour the post had hundreds of likes and dozens of comments.

Unfortunately some of the commenters misunderstood Wixey’s intentions.

“Why are u [sic] retiring?”

“Where are you going”

“You will be sorely missed Bill Wixey!! You ARE and will ALWAYS be my favorite!! Enjoy your retirement, but don’t disappear from us for too long! We love you Bill!!!!!!”

After other commenters began chiming in to correct those who were mistaken about Bill’s own future, many of the erroneous comments were deleted.

For the record Bill Wixey is NOT retiring and will return to Q13 FOX News This Morning Thursday, Friday, next week and beyond.

If you would like to offer your well wishes to Bill’s shirt please feel free to leave them below:


  • Serena

    Good bye white shirt – you have taken the task of covering Bill’s back for many years and your sacrifices are not unnoticed. May you travel to the next stage of your life as a hand me down, or rag, you will forever be remembered for how well you looked with a blue blazer and tie. God speed white shirt – God speed !

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