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SPD officer who issued dozens of pot tickets back on patrol

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CR Douglas: SPD reform blasted

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SEATTLE —  A police officer who was reassigned to desk duty after writing about 80 percent of the marijuana citations issued this year has been put back on regular patrol as an investigation into his conduct is ongoing, the Seattle Police Department said.

Randy Jokela, a 24-year veteran of the West Precinct, was taken off duty when it was discovered he wrote 66 of 83 marijuana tickets issued in 2014.

In some cases, Jokela seemed to mock city attorney Pete Holmes — a vocal supporter of pot legalization — in the tickets, calling him “Petey Holmes.”

The office of professional accountability is conducting a review into Jokela’s conduct.  But in the meantime, he has been allowed back on his regular patrol, SPD detectives said.

“The Director of OPA Pierce Murphy and Chief O’Toole conferred and decided that the investigation did not preclude the officer in question from returning to regular patrol duties,” said SPD Detective Drew Fowler.

The discovery of the officer’s penchant for writing pot  citations stemmed from SPD’s first biannual report relating to marijuana enforcement. Holmes issued a statement following Jokela’s reassignment.



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  • sv1g

    I don’t see the problem. If the tickets were legit, why should he be punished for not looking the other way? If people were breaking the law, they should have gotten the tickets, period. I’m already sick of seeing people smoking dope everywhere I go, and walking through clouds of pot smoke everywhere I go. Thinking of moving to another state…

  • DuhNigreus

    Can him. We’ve got a pig up here in Mountlake Terrace, assistant chief Pete Caw, who pulled a similar stunt. It cost the City nearly $2 million when he violated the civil rights of former Officer Jonathan Wender for not attacking marijuana users as Caw demanded. Caw still works for the City of Mountlake Terrace, under City Manager Arlene Fisher.

  • DavidK

    I can’t believe this POS is still a cop !!! He should have been fired the FIRST time he wrote a derogatory comment RE the CA ! And what is this – a coin toss is the new crime fighting tool. Explains a LOT of SPD’s probs !!!!!