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Pot is a big concern as cops bust impaired drivers

New DUI law

SEATTLE — For the next two weeks, more officers will be hitting the streets of King County looking for impaired drivers during a yearly ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign.

Police say recreational marijuana use might be legal in Washington state but it is not legal to get behind the wheel after getting high.

Officers are specially trained to look for impairment. Police say alcohol, illegal drugs or prescribed drugs by a doctor can all land you behind bars if they impair your driving.

Sgt. Jamie Douglas from the Auburn Police Department said, “It is scary knowing the amount of people that are out there that are driving impaired. What’s even more scary is that a lot of times those drivers don’t even know they’re impaired. I think some people think, Oh I’m fine. I only have to go beyond this or I only have to drive this far. But it is a very scary thing. Again, it only takes a matter of seconds.”

This year’s campaign runs through September 1st. Last year, almost 8,000 drivers were charged for DUI in King County.

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