Robin Williams’ final post on social media was heartwarming message

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARIN COUNTY, Calif — Robin Williams left his final message on social media two weeks ago.

A “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram, Williams posted a photo of his daughter, Zelda Rae Williams.

#tbt and Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae Williams! Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl. Happy Birthday @zeldawilliams Love you!

Williams was found dead in his California home Monday.

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  • dustin folsom

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories robin. You made me laugh in miss doubtfire, cry in patch adams, and slightly fear you in insomnia. Your acting depth will never be replicated. You are the hulk hogan of acting, and forever immortalized in all your williammainiacs. God speed, and I will miss you Popeye.

  • Candy Howard

    I remember when you came out of the egg on Mork and Mindy and made me laugh. You were a wonderful actor and comedian. I loved you in all of the movies I saw you in. I especially loved The Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, and Hook. Quoting Shakespeare “And may flights of Angels sing thee to the rest.”

  • Armando Noah Colon

    No one will understand Robin W.They will miss him.The only way a broken man will tell you he is broken is by showing it to you with his life.A MAN will try and show that he is still strong until the death..He WILL fulfill that.Hes the lion king of his own den until he feels he cannot fulfil that anymore! RIP!