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15-year-old girl run over by truck while sunbathing in driveway has died

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Marlie Hamblin. Courtesy: Hamblin Family

SYRACUSE, Utah — A teen who was run over by a truck while sunbathing in a driveway died Sunday, reported.

Marlie Hamblin was listening to music when her sister backed over her in the driveway, critically injuring her, the station reported. She was taken to Mountain Star Healthclare in Utah, where she later died.

No charges are expected to be filed in the case, as the driver could not see her sister due to her location.

The community is mourning the loss of Hamblin, as the deceased teen was “motivated” and a harder worker with a bright smile, her family said.

Marli’s family spoke with FOX 13 News Friday about Marli, click here for their interviews.


Courtesy: Hamblin Family

Courtesy: Hamblin Family

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  • Nick

    Why is the deceased girl’s name spelt two different ways in this report (Marlie and Marli)? This seems unpleasantly disrepectful and inexcusably sloppy.

    • delores57106

      Typo. Common thing for writers/reporters on time rush.

      MY question would be “What was she thinking?????” Young people – use a little common sense before doing. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  • Erin

    Seriously, you’re asking what was she thinking? This is a young people issue? I’m glad you get out of your car before you back out of your garage to see if anyone is lying there on the pavement… it makes perfect sense, how dare we young people only use our mirrors and senses from inside the car, we should all be oddly over concered about people lying in our driveways. Idiot. I can’t image how her sister feels, I’m sure she is overwhelmed with grief in a way you will never understand, and all you can say is “what was she thinking?”… what are you thinking??

    • Sloner

      Prrrrretty sure the questionable action here is the girl laying on the driveway. Not the sister for not seeing her. You need to chill out.. Young people these days, always getting it wrong.

      • delores57106

        Thank you, yes. I was referring the girl lying where cars may pull in (or out) rather than on the lawn.
        Jumping to conclusions, rather than clarifying intent, is never a good action imho.