Did a routine trip to the doctor kill a healthy 12-year-old girl?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WISCONSIN — A 12-year-old girl died Thursday just hours after a routine doctor’s appointment.

Her family is determined to find out what killed their healthy child.

“She was our sunshine. Our life. She made everyone happy,” said Rebecca Prohaska, her mom.

Meredith had a zest for life. It shows in her pictures. She was active and healthy so, what caused the 12-year-old’s life to be cut tragically short?

It’s a question her parents want answered.

“It’s like this empty hole in my life. It’s not going anywhere. And I don’t know how to fill it. I need her. I need to hug her,” said Rebecca Prohaska.

A few hours before she died, Meredith was complaining of a sore throat. Her mom took her to the doctor, who confirmed she had a cold.

While there, the 12-year-old also got the first round of the HPV vaccine. Afterwards, Meredith was tired and wanted to sleep. Her mom went to get her a carry-out. But when she returned, something was terribly wrong.

“When I got home, she had just thrown up, and was non-responsive on my living room floor. I performed CPR and she was taken to Waukesha Memorial where she died,” said Rebecca Prohaska.

“The only thing different about that day was that shot. I wish I would’ve known more about it before I agreed to it,” Rebecca Prohaska told WITI.

“It has to be that vaccine,” Mark Prohaska said.

These pictures and the memories are all Meredith’s family have left.

The family has agreed to let the medical examiner look at Meredith’s brain, which could offer clues to her death.

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  • HereIam (@uscnursing2008)

    i dont believe HPV causeed her death… Has mom considered something else?? such as cardiac arrest; maybe had a heart valve defect… low potassium to cause chnages in EKG (ie, not feeling well, vomit as metabolic changes to body) …. think about it!

    • Angela

      Are you paid by the vaccine company or what? Of course it did! It’s caused multiple deaths! It’s seriously injured tens of thousands of girls! STOP BUYING INTO THE LIES THAT VACCINES ARE SAFE OR NECESSARY!!! THEY ARE NEITHER!!!

  • Scott Swanson

    There are too many unknowns about the HPV vaccine. So much anecdotal evidence that there are more side affects than what are being publicized by the govt. Also more serious side effects. I’m not a vaccination denier. My kids are fully vaccinated. I am as well. But we will not allow our kids to have the HPV vaccine.

    • Angela

      Most all of the vaccines are dangerous and people are blatantly lied to about it!! The vaccine compensation find was created in order to protect the DRUG COMPANIES from liability because of the massive amount of people being injured by vaccines! And guess who pays the money into that fund? Certainly not the manufacturers! It’s the people who get the vaccine! The drug companies are totally immune to any liability from the damage they do, and have zero reason to make vaccines safe!
      The ones that aren’t directly dangerous just don’t work or in some cases it’s both!

  • Autobahn No Limit

    Did the parents and/or the doctor read the KNOWN side effects of the HPV Vaccine? The vaccine list all of the KNOWN side effects. These vaccines are going to make believers out of many the hard way!

  • Rachel

    All my girls have gotten the hpv vaccines with absolutely no side effects. Maybe she has had similar reactions to other vaccines? Or even a little reaction to other vaccines? Maybe some kids are allergic to some of the ingredients. I know that vaccines have saved more lives than have been lost and i dont think vaccinations will kill a healthy person unless maybe they are allergic to one of the ingredients. Maybe she didnt have a cold. Maybe she had something else. Without doing blood work they wouldnt know and she wouldnt b healthy her imnune system would b weakened.

    • Angela

      Wrong! That’s what they want people to believe. The truth is that the diseases were already in rapid decline before they started vaccinating people! Vaccine reactions are very common but doctors refuse to report it and claim it’s due to something else! Only about 1% of vaccine injuries are reported! The drug companies are totally immune from any liability so they will never make these products safe OR effective until they stop making money off of them!

  • Monroe

    I think a better question is what was the reason for vaccinating a clearly ill child? What was the rush. This is such a tragedy & my heart goes out to the family. Perhaps doctors ought not be pushing vaccines on children who are not in prime health. This poor girl s immune system was attack when it was already in a weakened state, and that makes little sense to me

    • NurseB

      That’s sad. We are not doing that vaccine. But I wonder if her already being sick had something to do with it. We never vaccinated anyone who showed any signs of illness in our clinic.

    • Angela

      They need to stop pushing vaccines on people PERIOD! The drug companies and CDC/FDA know full well how dangerous these cocktails are and use bullying tactics to try to force parents to pump it into their kids anyway!!
      You can look it up for yourself the FDA categorizes vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe drugs”

      • Monroe mom

        Really?! I know 3 people personally that died from cancer that ate nothing but organic foods, so your idiotic advise that everyone should eat organic is beyond stupid and misinformed. Vaccines have saved more lives than you think, and I seriously doubt that you are actually thinking. My mother in law’s oldest sister had to suffer through hundreds of surgeries because of polio. These diseases are on the rise again because of morons like you spreading this garbage around and illegal immigrants bringing them to the US with them. I also know several women that have died from cervical cancer, which can also be caused by herpes, for which, unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for. I want my son to be vaccinated for HPV and meningitis. Why would you risk the life of your child from something that can kill them when a simple vaccine can help? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • mist

    My daughter had two of the three rounds of shots And we are refusing third. She puked after first. So I reported it to Dr. Blew it off. So we got second one threw up again. I was like no this is because of shot it’s always day after shot she becomes ill. I’m so pissed off dr do nothing. Just keep giving… so third one came time and we said no way!!!! So irritated. We just need eat organically good food n we will be healthy again this shot is not good.

    • Laura

      do you really think eating organic will prevent HPV?? getting the shot is your own choice but (no matter what you eat) you are putting yourself at greater risk. I understand why you don’t want your daughter to get the third shot if they made her sick but I sure hope you don’t think eating organic will suffice as an alternative…

      • Angela

        The vast majority of HPV causes absolutely no problems whatsoever! Cervical cancer is pretty rare to begin with and they have no evidence whatsoever that the vaccine prevents the cancer! All they know is that it produces some antibodies against HPV strains. Further it only works for 2-3 years so if they are vaccinating 8-9 year olds by the time they are sexually active (at a median age of 16) it’s gone and that’s if it gave any protection to begin with! So if you want to endanger your daughters life for a benefit that probably isn’t there go for it!

        • Monroe mom

          Um, they don’t vaccinate for that until they are ready to start middle school, which is age 12, and unfortunately many girls start having sex at that age.

  • Meg

    She had a sore throat, then puked. Sounds like the flu, and she aspirated, either causing severe pulmonary issues or cardiac arrest. Occam’s Razor, people.

    • Angela

      I’m so incredibly sorry for your family’s loss!! I truly hope that this causes a serious look at the safety of vaccines (or lack there of)! The drug companies are totally immune to any liability due to the vaccine compensation fund (paid for by a surcharge on vaccines NOT by manufacturers!) if there is any way at all to stick this on the drug companies and hold them accountable instead of going through the vaccine compensation find do it! They need to be held accountable and our govt is not doing it!!!

  • amanda

    hpv causes cervical cancer. and lots of men carry it because it doesnt effect them. if you are activly having sex and a woman you should get it. i had all 3, always felt fine. its sad what happened, but come on.. the chances are it doesnt happen often. but saying eating healthy and organic will prevent it is silly…

    • Angela

      I’m sorry 1.) did you just say that men carry HPV because it doesn’t affect them (as if they have a choice on the matter)
      2.) it DOES happen oftern! Thousands upon thousands of girls have been killed and seriously injured by this vaccine alone
      3.) even if it was rare who cares! The fact that it can and does kill perfectly healthy girls (for protection that is likely minimal to non-existent) is UNACCEPTABLE
      4.) what IS rare is cervical Cancer! It affects less than 1% of women and is rarely if ever fatal!
      5.) you are essentially saying this girls death doesn’t matter if the vaccine causes immunity for most (which is questionable at best)! THAT is the crux of the problem with vaccine mentality to begin with!! The govt doesn’t give a crap if people die as long as their agenda is served and the drug companies are immune to liability and therefore have zero reason to care if their product is safe!

      • Rachel

        Boys get this vaccine also due to protecting them against different cancers like anal cancer, mouth/throat cancer, and genital cancer.

      • ROFLcopter

        there are only 46 confirmed HPV vaccine deaths in 8 years. You are a quack, Why don’t you give us your sources? Like, peer reviewed papers and controlled studies? I know you won’t because you’re just a nutcase.

  • Mary Gillian Lomax

    There has been many reports on the Internet, lately about the serious effects of that vaccine. I have 2 young granddaughters that took theirs last year…. One is a type 1 diabetic with uncontrollable diabetes and kidney problems as of now at 13 years old, the other one is 15 and stays sick, tired, bad headaches, tired all the time, now… I am afraid their is not medical doctor going to find fault with what was recommended to our girls…. Also, it has been proven that talcum power and baby power on the ovarian area is causing this cancer… It has been all over the net from doctors since they found evidence….I do not trust the vaccine on any girls….

    • michelledenise

      This comment has nothing to do with thw article. Talk to your family about getting your granddaughter on an insulin pump. It was a life changer (and saver) for me.

        • Monroe mom

          Uncontrolled diabetes causes kidney problems. If her diabetes is not under control with her insulin then her parents need to talk to her doctor about a pancreas transplant. My brother is on the transplant list at the UW because his diabetes was out of control for so long. Do some research!

    • Monroe mom

      A lot of people die with no known cause. My niece died from an enlarged liver and the autopsy revealed nothing in her system….not even ibuprofen. She just went to sleep and didn’t wake up. She was too old (in her 20’s) to get the HPV vaccine, and it had been 10 years or more since her last vaccine. There are many reasons people die with no known medical cause and we can’t blame everything on vaccines. If she was going to die from the vaccine it would have been within days, not months.

  • deviousfae

    1. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.
    2. She was sick BEFORE the shot. Chances are she had strep throat.
    3. Her Dr was a douche for recommending any vaccines while she felt bad.

  • Andrea Sidibeh

    It’s a known fact that if your sick, the drs are not to allow you to have any vaccination. My drs office gives you a questionnaire to fill out and to sign saying your not sick before receiving any vaccines. Something to look into.