Charges: Family friend groomed, molested 11-year-old boy with Leukemia at Seattle Children’s Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Child Abuse Generic

SEATTLE — A 63-year-old man faces charges for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old gravely ill boy while he was a patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

John S. Hudspeth, a self-proclaimed swim and “life coach,” was caught molesting the boy in his hospital bed by staff in June, Seattle police allege. He was arrested and currently being held on first-degree child molestation charges in lieu of $100,000 bail.

According to King County court documents, Hudspeth first met the victim in 2012 at a gym in Richland, Wash. He offered to give the boy swim lessons and the boy’s family agreed.

Though Hudspeth had no training as a coach, he spent hours with the boy at the gym, coaching him in swimming, martial arts, basketball and wrestling, documents show.  Hudspeth allegedly accompanied the boy in the public shower on multiple occasions, documents show, and would often go over to the boy’s house to allegedly help him fall asleep.

In March 2014, the victim was diagnosed with Leukemia and the boy’s family moved to Seattle where he could receive treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Hudspeth followed to help the family, he told investigators, often providing “deep tissue massages” to the victim, though the massages were not part of the boy’s treatment plan.

On June 21, a nurse at Seattle Children’s entered the victim’s hospital room and found Hudspeth with his shirt off massaging the boy’s lower back, hips and buttocks area, court documents show.

The nurse reported the incident to her supervisor, but later that same night, a different nurse allegedly found Hudspeth alone in the boy’s hospital room again, this time wearing only his underwear.

Following both nurses’ concern, police contacted Hudspeth. He allegedly admitted to helping the victim bathe and apply ointment to sensitive areas often, though the boy was able to do so without help, documents show.

Investigators believed it was clear Hudspeth was grooming the boy — a common process used by sex offenders to assume a caring role in the child’s life — and issued a warrant for his arrest shortly after interviewing him.

Hudspeth, a resident of St. Maries, Idaho, has been in King County Jail since Wednesday.

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  • Matt Field

    The real headline should read: “CPS kidnaps sick autistic child on no basis what so ever, accuses caregiver with no evidence”

    • micky

      The guy was found in his room in his UNDERWEAR! I’m sorry but the lastime I checked even caregivers during BATHTIME are fully clothed!

  • Hannah Eison

    there is just one big creepy red flag after another, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?! ? Their son is gravely ill and its the creepy old guy in the room? the guy would come over and ‘help their son fall asleep’, followed them to another state, ‘massaging’ and ‘rubbing oil’ on their son………….?! SMH! Can’t believe how stupid the parents are! Didn’t they see anything creepy about ANY of this? DUH!

    • Matt Field

      way to be sheep and believe a sensationalized news story. Every part of this article is wrong. If you knew the truth, you wouldn’t be saying what you have.

      • micky

        Dude what is your issue???! Two nurses found him doing crazy odd things to the kid! Since you sound like you know more than the rest of us reading and commenting why dont you enlighten us on HOW you know and WHAT you know?! How the hell are we suppose to know otherwise when its two nurses words against a creep?! Id love to hear more on this story so tell away! This hit home so feel free to enlighten me. To add to this no where in this article to they specify why either parent were unable to do ANY of the tasks listed (lotion, oiling, massaging ect.) Why have a stranger do it? Pretty freaking odd, but I’ll wait because hopefully YOU will have an answer.

    • Fred_the_Dog

      I work with gravely ill children. Short illnesses, the parent can be at the bedside 24/7; longer illnesses mean that parents have to still go to work to afford health insurance and health care, and they may very well have other children. With leukemia, you don’t want a bunch of young children around because the immune system of the sick child is depressed. Parents do what they can in these situations; you don’t need to lay on the guilt. This guy was probably presentable and reputable and of course didn’t do the grooming crap in front of the parents. Most of these sneaky manipulators talk a good line. Yay for those nurses who picked up on it.

    • Matt Field

      Basically, key elements of the story are being conveniently left out. If all the facts were included in the article, any logical person would see the truth. The author of this article twisted what actually happened and turned it into this. The fact is, John Hudspeth is innocent and CPS is making a mess of things for this very sick boy, his family, and his caregiver…..and that’s really all I can tell you.

      If you have kids, the story of what CPS, has and is doing would scare you beyond belief. When the truth comes out. John will be found NOT GUILTY, the parents will have their child back, and some people at CPS and SPD are likely to loose their jobs.

      • Miss mya pearl

        Reading the story I thought for sure this guy is bad news … With that said you must know more about this situation than I do. I have fingers crossed that you are right :o)

      • Misty M

        Why would the hospital make up stuff? They have no vested interest in this, except reporting wrong going ons. Which they have to report by law. Even besides everything else, what the hell was a 63 year-old man in his underwear in a cancer sickened 11 year-old child’s room???? I’m sure the nurse just made that up, right? Highly doubtful. There will be an investigation and the whole truth will come to the surface. I hope it’s not true for the child’s sake. BTW- If child molesters weren’t charming & deceiving, they would never be able to weasel their way into families & convince them they are great people trying to be helpful. Prime example- Jerry Sandusky. Enough said.

  • Smithe Smith

    Wow. Believing everything you read is in and of itself a sickness.
    Let’s not even get close to discussing the perversion of “believing everything you ‘think'”.
    So far, here, in the comments we have –
    One person for prison.
    One person calling for a death penalty.
    One person who requires enlightenment.
    Several who believe word-for-word a “news” story.
    One who is accusing a commenter of protecting a “pervert” and calling for THEM to be investigated.
    WTF?!? is wrong with YOU folks? I’ll bet that it is really hard to pronounce. And that you’re most likely way off your meds. It’s real easy to sit around making judgements of others without knowing and being involved in a process.
    Get a grip, get a better life. The stones you throw may just come right back at you someday.

  • Misty M

    I would never let some 63 year-old man be alone with my child, unless it was a close trusted family member. Over and over again it has been stated that these people seek out people with young children & befriend them. This case absolutely sickens me!!! You know this sick pervert has been molesting this child beginning shortly after he met the family. On top of that, that poor precious little boy is sick with cancer & the monster continues to violate him. That is just horrendous!!! That little boy hasn’t even been on Earth that long & has had to suffer more than someone should in a lifetime. Thank God that the Hospital Staff has more sense than the parents & paid attention.

  • Shawn

    Just like to say the story sound weird for sure secondly I don’t know all the details yet with that being said Iam a dad have a 6 year old daughter my wife’s family if full of these child predators some have been convicted some haven’t in my opinion they should all be put to sleep for fucking with a child period and then the women that don’t report it they r just as bad as the predators

      • Shawn

        Thanks misty nice to have a women understand just lately it usually women saying give them another chance and let separate the sex offender list why is a child predator listed the same as a 20 year old who sleep with a 17 year old that was willing just to young as sex offenders

  • Matt Field

    You guys have already convicted him,… you’ve got out you’re pitchforks and torches. The fact that you are accusing me of wrong doing just proves that. At this point, anything I say is just going to fan the flames. I know it looks bad. Just reading that article, and ignoring what I know, I understand why you guys are ready to lynch him. But it’s all untrue twisting of the facts and a convenient lack of some details that make it look this way. If I thought AT ALL that he was guilty I’d be right along side you, pitchfork in hand.

    I’m confident If you knew the actual facts. Not the news report, specifically written to make him look as bad as possible. Well then you would put 2 and 2 together.

    I would love to give you guys all the details and break it down for you. But out of respect for the child, family and the accused. I am not going to at this time. The truth will come out and he will be proven innocent. All I am asking is that you read the updates on this story in the future and keep an open mind.