Passers-by step over shot man in appalling video

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Jenni Jenz

    Embrace that diversity! This is typical of their sub-human culture. And we taxpayers get to pay for their food stamps, subsidized medical care and welfare – until they go to prison where they get supported by us again. Time for a mass eradication, or better yet just deport them to an island somewhere.

    • DuhNigreus

      It’s just blacks in their natural state. The liberals of King County re-dedicated and “re-named” itself in order to make them feel welcome here and prove that they’re anti-racist.

      “Anti-racist” is actually a code word for anti-White.

      • emfourty

        Don’t even start. You people need to start taking charge and holding your own kind accountable for this despicable behavior instead of always blaming the white man. Until you do, you will continue to be nothing more than a bunch of apes that will continue to get looked down on. This spits right in the eye of everything Dr. King has done for your people and then some. I cant believe you even open your mouth instead of apologizing for what has become normal behavior for your people.

  • tanner norskog

    and people say its safer to call and wait for police instead of carry a pistol. don’t let yourself be brainwashed into submission.exercising your second amendment right for defense is the best offence .

  • The World is Ending

    Some of the biggest reasons people don’t get involved is that they don’t want to get sued later for trying to help, and or don’t want to be interrogated by the police for several…several…several hours trying to explain that they were only trying to help. I have decided that if I ever witness a crime I will only answer question or fill out a report with a lawyer present, because to some of the cops and DA’s it is just a numbers game.. How many people can we put in jail to show people “see we are keeping you safe from the bad guys” so from their point of view the more people they put in jail the better they look the truth don’t matter.

  • Erik

    I’m sure these guys were really worried about being sued later for trying to help (Sarcasm). Anybody smart enough to understand the liability associated with rendering aid would probably understand that they would be protected by good Samaritan laws. I agree that they probably wouldn’t like being “inconvenienced” by spending a few hours with the police because a human life isn’t worth a couple of hours of their time. I find it ironic that this happened in New York where law abiding citizens such as myself who WOULD render aid (and have) are not allowed to maintain even in their homes their second amendment rights to defense. This callous attitude and disregard for the sanctity of human life by some elements of our society is exactly why some of us in this nation are so adamant about not bowing down to the nanny state. We can’t understand why any sane person in our government would expect us to put ourselves and our families at the mercy of people like those depicted in this video.