Washington to lead multi-state lawsuit against Trump administration over family separations

Teacher accused of showing up drunk, without pants on first day of work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Photo: Wagoner Police Dept.)

WAGONER, Oklahoma — A public school teacher was arrested Monday after police say she showed up at school for her first day of work under the influence of alcohol and without her pants.

School officials said they found Lorie Ann Hill, 49, in an empty classroom disoriented and without pants.

Police said when they interviewed her, she admitted to drinking vodka before coming to school.

Hill was booked into jail and could face a public intoxication charge.

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  • Joe

    With 99% of government school teachers as registered democrats in the collective bargaining unions, it’s now wonder America is now churning out the best brightest students in the world. The liberal experiment is good for us; just look around see how great everything is and will be.

    • Jim Landon

      Four points Joe:
      1. For many years now, surveys have found that American teachers identify as ~40% Democrat, ~30% Republican, and ~30% independent, and vote ~50% Democrat, ~45% Republican, ~5% other. (Google “teacher political affiliation.)
      2. Teacher unions do what you would expect any union to do: they support politicians who favor improved pay and working conditions for their members. Those are mostly, but not entirely, Democrats.
      3. This woman’s behavior has nothing to do with her political affiliation or profession. It has to do with her alcoholism, a disease that affects people of all political parties and all professions.
      4. Rather than trying to turn every event into an example of how liberals are ruining the country, as FOX commentators typically do, you should hold yourself to a higher intellectual standard. You can do better.

      • Lindey

        In 2012, based on required disclosure filings, 95% of National Education Association (NEA) money went to Democrats. The liberals run the show that we call “public education.”

        • Jim Landon

          Lindey, I don’t doubt that your first statement is true. By and large, Democrats favor paying teachers a fair wage and lowering class sizes, while Republicans favor cutting teacher salaries and benefits in order to reduce taxes. The teacher unions support Democrats for that reason, not because they are “liberal” on other issues. The system rightly includes advocates for both sides of the issue, but the unions must advocate for the members.