Police: Pregnant 14-year-old brutally beaten by group she thought friends

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE (KCPQ)– Police are investigating the brutal beating of a 14-year-old pregnant teen, allegedly held down by a group of people she considered to be friends.

Witnesses called police around 7 p.m. Aug. 1 to report a group of four to six people kicking and punching what appeared to be a teenage girl in the 4500 block of Cloverdale Street.

When police arrived, they found the 14-year-old girl bleeding from the mouth with injuries to her face, officers said. She immediately told police her stomach hurt from the beating, and said that she was one month pregnant.

Police sat her down on a nearby bleachers and interviewed the 14-year-old while aid was called.

She allegedly told police she was hanging out with a group of friends, ranging in ages 15-to-19, when they  suggested the group go to the bleachers on the west side of a park near Rainier Beach High School.

When the group got to the park, the victim said all the sudden and for no apparent reason, her friends pulled her to the ground and viciously beat her.

The victim said she was hit in the face, head and body while the suspects cursed at her. She said she was not robbed. The suspects ran off shortly right before officers arrived at the park, and were not found by police.

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment when aid arrived. Her current condition is unknown.

Police contacted witnesses who confirmed the girl’s story, saying they saw a group of teens — both male and female — grab the girl, hold her down and beat her, sometimes kicking her in the head.

An accurate description of the suspects was not immediately available. Seattle police continue to investigate the case.

Anyone who witnessed the beating should call 911.

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  • Tracy Mayes

    Why.. what has happened to our world?.. we need more stricter laws..hangings for murder..and hangings for rapes and perverts. .stop supporting them in prisons..rid of this filth.. teach your children respect..thus is so duscusting

  • Justin beins

    @BEERD if she hangs around those types of people, then most likely she shares the same mind set as they do. She thinks of them as friends and will not give up any of them unfortunatly. Snitches get stitches, or in this case 14yr old pregnant friends do too. effed up but thats just how it is…

    • JayGoldenBeach

      Please punch yourself in your tea bags. Then slam them in a car door. Then remember how it feels next time you try to dehumanise someone. Cheers.

    • Tim

      Her being pregnant at the age of 14 has very little to do with how good her parents are. Sometimes even the greatest parents in the world can do nothing about their kids. I have known kids that had great parents, and despite that, were still able to get themselves in loads of trouble.

  • Happyheart

    Was it one of the girls boyfriend who got her pg if so then you need to talk to them !
    But most of all the teen needs to learn to stop having sex because now your life as a teen is over
    Most of everyone will now call you a slute and keep making your like hell !

  • Pam

    Why were there witnesses, yet no one stopped the beating? Oh wait, probably they didn’t want to stop their recording to go help her!!!

  • midwest2

    To the staff who wrote the article: “victim said all the sudden…” And since the article didn’t use quotation marks, I’m assuming the writer paraphrased what the girl told them. It is not “all the sudden” – it would be “all of a sudden.” Next, the staff wrote, “The suspects ran off shortly right before officers…” Shortly right before? I read these articles and just cringe.

  • sugahunny

    Wow…sad case. It’s bad that she’s pregnant at 14, but it happens. Sometimes it has no bearing on the type of upbringing a child has or what neighborhood they are from. I read some of the comments here and know what’s happening in this world. People are no longer human, we have no compassion for our fellowman and we victimize the victims even further. None of us is immune to tragedy…even the most well meaning people often find themselves in trouble at some point in life. Try to have some compassion. Each of us has a responsibility to humanity! I hope that the young lady will recover from her injuries and the so called friends will be caught and prosecuted. Peace.

  • Irving

    So, as I understand this, witnesses SAW the attack, but did nothing, and cannot describe the people they watched attack this girl? Non sequitor.

  • Kathleen

    Wow, first off perhaps she was pregnant because of a rape? or molestation? For someone to judge her without knowing ALL her facts is disgusting. Second off, the police need eye witnesses to the crime, it helps them build a case. I’m sure the girl has already made a statement to the police on who the people were. As for the grammar of the article I’m rather disappointed but not shocked.

  • landshark

    Sounds like a gange initiation to me. Lets be honest sounds like something shes going to get in prison on a daily basis!!!