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Rescuers sent to help injured hiker in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest


MOUNT BAKER-SNOQUALMIE NATIONAL FOREST — Rescuers were heading Monday night to help a female hiker in her 20s who was reportedly injured while in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest just outside of Mount Rainier National Park, East Pierce Fire & Rescue said.

The hiker and her partner were heading up a trail to Summit Lake. The injured hiker’s partner left her there to summon help and drove down to a store on State Route 165 to gain cell phone service.

“The patient is not believed to have life threatening injuries” East Pierce Fire said on its online blog.

Search and rescuers did find her late Monday night, and found she was suffering from an ankle injury. She was expected to be carried out early Tuesday.


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1 Comment

  • Ken

    You guys should get a local map, find State Route 165 or better yet, find Summit Lake, mark it with a pin, and then from that pin travel about 60 miles NNE of there and tell me what you find… Then you can change the title of this story. I would have thought the “Pierce County Fire and Rescue” would have tipped you off before you posted but, I guess not. I’m just glad the hikers didn’t get a hold of you for help.