TRAFFIC ALERT: I-5 lane closures you need to know about this weekend

Commentary: Seahawks/Broncos will be great – it’s the aftermath I dread

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SEATTLE — With the Seahawks preseason opener in Denver just four days away, we focus on the gong show that’s just five days away: Overreaction Friday.

If there’s anything worse than the excessive overreaction after a regular season game – it’s the overreaction and over-analysis of a preseason game!

That’s not to say the build-up isn’t fun: On paper, it’s a Super Bowl rematch – and everyone from a Denver columnist to the Broncos’ Kevin Vickerson are whining about the trash-talking-of-sorts from the Seattle side.

If you missed it, here’s what Vickerson said this week: “(Expletive) Seattle. Write it down. Take a picture.” (to the Colorado Springs Gazette)

So yes, while the idea of the Broncos – and their fans – craving revenge in a preseason game for what happened in the Super Bowl is somewhat laughable, the storyline itself is incredibly fun to embrace in anticipation of the game.

But to me – the game’s aftermath will be real comedy hour.

It’s when everyone sounds off – picking apart the one or two series the first-stringers played – and using that way-too-early and way-too-small sample set to help predict the team’s prospects for regular-season success. It’s when new heroes are anointed as “the future” of the franchise – and when fans clamor for more playing time for this guy or that guy because he showed flashes of brilliance against the opponent’s third stringers.

Of course, there’s always the exception. We saw it just two years ago with Russell Wilson. The preseason is when he earned the starting role.

But for every Russell Wilson, there’s a Josh Portis. Or a Nick Reed.

Or even the trifecta of preseason stars from last season – Allan Bradford, John Lotulelei, and Christine Michael – two of which aren’t Seahawks anymore… while the third barely played at all during the regular season.

In my opinion, there’s only one legitimate reason to overreact after a preseason game – and that’s a major injury – like the one to Russell Okung in the preseason opener last year. I know I won’t be the only one holding my breath, knowing that the competitive nature of the Seahawks will force them to go 110 percent on Thursday – and that an injury to a key player in a meaningless game could have a major impact on the regular season. If that happens, then the overreaction and worry is justified – and I take it all back.

But if everyone stays healthy – then this Friday morning will truly be a comical disaster on local sports talk radio:

If Denver gets their revenge, the “Chicken Little” disciples will come out of the wordwook.

If the Seahawks win, others will declare them on the fast-track to another Lombardi Trophy.

So I urge everyone – enjoy all the storylines, enjoy the game. But it’s only the beginning of August. Championships aren’t won for another six months.

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  • Alex Mason

    Seattle didn’t win because they were good, they won because the rest of the league sucked. It won’t happen again, “fans of the game” Seattle. Get the razor blades out and ready yourselves to remove your one-season-old seahawks bumper stickers.

    • Russ

      Alex, you’re funny. The Hawks had the toughest division in all of football, and they played more than half the play off teams throughout the regular season. Seattle was very good, especially off the bench and in depth roster. They are still young and hungry, and will no doubt show that on the field. Time will tell.