Important: Do you know how to properly install your child’s car seat?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Experts say about 75% of the child car seats on the road today are improperly installed and that can lead to serious injuries. A certified technician showed us four steps to properly install a car seat to keep your family safe.

So step one of installing a car seat we always have the parents bring the car seat manual which I have here and the vehicle owner’s manual. We will read through these and check to see if there are any restrictions on seating or if there are any special instructions and we will work through that with the parent. Another thing that we check are also the labels on the car seats here. Checking the weight limits. Height limits.

Our next step, we’re going to install it now so we have to decide if we’re going to use the seat belt here or the latch system. For this particular seat we have lower anchors that we can use to install it. So that’s what I’m going to do here. All we’re listening for is a click.

On this particular vehicle you’re going to pull up here and put pressure on the seat right about where my hand is and pull up. And when you go to check for movement of a car seat you’re going to check right where it is installed. You want less than an inch of movement. That shows that it is installed tightly to the vehicle.

Our very last step is that we’re going to put the car seat in and we’re going to put the child in the seat and we’re going to tighten the harness. If we have a child sitting in here and I tighten the harness, if I go to pinch any of this webbing I shouldn’t be able to pinch any of this. That tells you the harness is tight enough on that child. Those are the basic four things we go through with parents when it comes to car seat checks.

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  • blah blah blah

    If 75% our installed incorrectly, don’t ya think its because we don’t give a crap? The chances of being in an accident on any one drive is near impossible odds. The only reason we wear seatbelts is because it is visible from the outside and enforced at the point of a gun. So why not just leave us the he!! alone? The reasoning for seatbelts and carseats is exactly the same for wearing helmets as we walk down the sidewalk, (again, near impossible odds the helmet will be helpful should you fall). How did we survive as a species before the “wisdom” of our nanny-state governement?

    • Asjodensky

      I pray that you never have kids!!!! Having no regard for your own safety, so what. For childrens’? Some one’s gotta teach them how to be safe. Do you also tell them druggies and gang bangers are cool people?

    • Mast3rM1nd

      @Blah Blah Blah, are you retarded or just too young to understand safety?! It’s not like you plan on having a car crash, it happens unexpectedly. If you run into a light pole with no seat belt do you expect to get away clean dumbass?! We don’t walk down the street with helmets cause we have more reaction time and room to catch ourselves if we fall, in a car it’s not that easy to avoid that shit. If you don’t “give a crap” enough to strap your kid into a car seat without being scared of being pulled over for not doing so you’re the epitome of a fucking idiot. Hopefully you have no kids and maybe YOU should walk down the street with a helmet, jackass!

  • Asjodensky

    The previous commenter (blah blah blah) should never have kids! I thought it was a good broadcast, but 2 important facts were left out. Babies of a certain age HAVE to face the rear and why. Second, why it’s safer for car seats to be on the passenger side. The video showed it being secured behind the driver.