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Proposal to build a monorail from Ballard to West Seattle on Nov. ballot

SEATTLE -- Get ready for yet another vote on the Monorail.

A new initiative  qualified for the fall ballot, marking the fifth Seattle city vote on a Monorail proposal in recent years.

The last effort imploded nearly a decade ago after blasting through its budget, costing taxpayers over $100 million, with nothing to show for it.

But that experience doesn`t phase the leader of this new effort to build a line from Ballard to West Seattle.

The Monorail initiative will be on the November ballot for Seattle voters.

Q13 FOX News political analyst C.R. Douglas gives the details.



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1 Comment

  • seattlerevolution

    Let’s not act like monorail spporters are cult. Cannot get anymore cultish than the transit, streetcar, and light rail/subway supporters. Go check out the Seattle Transit Blog – populated with transit obsessed boys; check out Seattle Subway and its ravings ad nauseum about “subways”!! Frankly they make monorail supporters look pretty conservative in comparison.