‘God’ sparks controversy in council chambers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tacoma — The Pierce County Council will meet this afternoon and consider displaying the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ in the front of the council chambers where everyone can read it but some say that phrase upsets them.

Councilmember Jim McCune says the four word phrase is a tradition here in the United States and that’s why he proposed to have those four words etched in a plaque.

Some people are strongly opposed to the idea. Sam Mulvey said, “God to me is not a positive concept. I don’t believe in a god and I find religion overall to be a fairly negative force.”

The Pierce County Council meets this afternoon at 3 pm and the seven members will likely vote on the concept. We will continue to follow this story for updates.

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  • Ted

    Religious people don’t get along when they don’t share the same ‘god’. They are willing to kill each other over their ‘beliefs’. O_o Yes, religion and politics don’t mix. Which is fine, except all churches tell their people to go out and recruit.

  • The World is Ending

    I want to ban the shirts that atheist put on that says religion is superstition because I am just as offended by them as the atheist claim to be by even the mention of God.

  • Amanda

    I am not offended by this, I am sad for all the people that want to axe out god from every aspect of the world around us. I am sad for people who dont understand the love of god and think that hes a so called “negative force.” God is very loving and so are his people. He will be coming soon enough, and everyone will see. I myself am looking forward to going home with him to live forever in heaven. I will be praying for these people that they find god in their hearts.

  • Infidel 1000

    People are free to express what they want , on their clothing,in their speech, whatever. But this is government speech, not private speech, and, even though it has been abused by the government at the behest of influential theocrats, it is still illegal under the Constitution of the United States. But the most obvious flaw is that this slogan is a LIE, and this fact is easily demonstrable. There are many people who do not trust in “God” or any gods, demonstrating unequivocally that this cold war relic is simply not true. How could anybody love the god of the bible, who, in a tantrum, kills babies in the womb, and wipes out all life on Earth? Where’s the sanity in that?