TRAFFIC ALERT: I-5 lane closures you need to know about this weekend

Motorcycle crash on I-5, an attempted carjacking and then things got weird…

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Washington State Patrol is looking for William J. Westmoreland, 38, of Stanwood. He's accused of motorcycle crash on I-5 and attempted carjacking. (Photo: Washington State Patrol)

William J. Westmoreland

Washington State Patrol is looking for William J. Westmoreland, 38, of Stanwood. He’s accused of an attempted carjacking on I-5 after he crashed a motorcyle. (Photo: Washington State Patrol)

EVERETT — Katie Baker found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time just before 3 p.m. Monday.

She was driving southbound on I-5 near 112th Street when the motorcycle hit her from behind. Other vehicles stopped and drivers got out of their cars to help.

“At that point, he went into another car that stopped and tried to drive off in that and luckily they stopped him and took the keys away, and then he tried to go back to his bike and get on and start riding that and, of course, they stopped him with that, too,” Baker said.

Police say the suspect is 38-year-old William Westmoreland of Stanwood.

He has a long criminal history and even before the crash had a felony warrant out for his arrest.

Police suspect the motorcycle he was riding was stolen because it was hot-wired and the VIN number had been filed off.

After the crash, police say, Westmoreland ran across I-5 to a nearby South Everett neighborhood.

“He was described as bleeding from the head, extremely erratic, reeked of alcohol, was out of his mind and was not coherent. He was trying to get out of there,” Washington State Patrol Sgt. James Arnold said.

In that neighborhood, the crazed, bloodied man allegedly stole a silver Mazda Miata and sped away.

Police say Westmoreland will probably need medical attention so area hospitals have been notified, but they worry he may avoid hospitals to avoid getting caught.

“He’s obviously desperate. He doesn’t want to deal with law enforcement and is trying to get away so he’s definitely dangerous, definitely has a criminal record so we do want to find him,” Arnold said.

“Wow, and after everything else happened with him trying to steal the car and all that other stuff, it’s really … it seems more like ‘Grand Theft Auto’stuff, you know?” Baker said.


If you know Westmoreland or where he can be found, you’re asked to call the Washington State Patrol or 911.

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