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Finally! Alaska Airlines gives customers MORE bag space

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


737 Space Bins at 737 Configuration Studio

An example of the more bin space. From Alaska Airlines.

SEATTLE — Alaska is offering more — that’s right, more — overhead bin space on flights.

In a surprising move in an age of cutting costs and restricting space, Alaska announced new “Space Bins” on newly purchased Boeing 737s.

The new bins are slated to increase storage by 48 percent on the airline’s 737-900ER airplanes. The new bins hold 174 bags per plane, compared to around 110 bags on flights now.

The Space Bins should allow fliers to bring more personal items into the cabin, the airlines’ treasurer and vice president of finance Mark Eliasen said in a release.

“Alaska is committed to making flying a hassle-free and comfortable experience,” Eliasen said.

It is not yet known what flights the new storage spaces will be available on.


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  • Bugs

    I don't think it will let people bring more but rather let everyone have there carry on. My wife and I were recently on a flight to Veges and had to check our carry on both directions as there was no space.

  • ash

    All this means is longer security lines for all the extra bags passengers will bring on board. Every airline should charge more for every carry on bag then a checked bag and watch the security lines shorten

  • jjjj

    I Dont kbow why people being so.much shit on the plane…you dont need half that shit…learn to travel..amd stop sitting in my seat