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Police: Stolen road construction signs lead to major identity theft ring

ID theft stuff

Photo courtesy Bellevue Police

ID theft stuff

Photo courtesy Bellevue Police

BELLEVUE, Wash – It started as a tip from someone about stolen road construction signs, but to the bust of a major identity theft ring said police.

Police said a tipster called them July 3rd and reported seeing possibly stolen signs on the patio of a neighbor at the Hidden Creek Condo complex on 126th Place NE.

Police went to the apartment and arrested three people. In the process of that investigation officers say they discovered that one of the people arrested had three fake Washington ID cards.

Investigators got a search warrant and say that’s when they found the following:

39 False Washington ID cards and drivers’ licenses

67 Fraudulent credit cards

28 various false government ID cards

7 False Social Security cards

Several hundred forged checks

“It appears that most of the victims in this case had their identities stolen after their mail was stolen or their cars were broken into by these suspects,” said Bellevue Police Lt. Lisa Patricelli. “This is a good reminder for people to consider buying locked mailboxes, and to never leave valuables in our vehicles.”

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