NEW VIDEO: Seattle police release surveillance of deadly light rail shooting

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(Credit; Seattle Police Dept.)


(Credit: Seattle Police Dept.)

SEATTLE — Seattle police are releasing video of the moments leading up to a deputy-involved shooting that left one man dead.

Surveillance cameras captured the confrontation between a King County Sheriff’s deputy and a 23-year-old man. The incident happened on June 30th at the SODO light rail station.

Seattle police describe what happened:

In the video—which begins minutes before the shooting—three Sound Transit Fare Enforcement Officers (FEO) can be seen escorting Oscar Perez Giron and Mario Parra Cetina from the southbound light rail train. One of the men was unable to provide proof of payment for his fare, and refused to identify himself to the FEOs.

After Giron refused to provide identification, the FEOs followed Sound Transit protocol and requested assistance from a King County Sheriff’s deputy. The deputy walks into the camera’s view just after the one-minute mark.

The deputy and FEOs continue speaking with Giron and Cetina for several minutes before Giron attempts to flee at the 3:40 mark. The deputy and one of the FEOs quickly grab hold of Giron and attempt to take him into custody.

After wrestling with the deputy and FEO for approximately 20 seconds, Giron pulls out a handgun, which has been highlighted in the video. Giron is a convicted felon and is legally prohibited from possessing a firearm.

As the struggle continues, Giron can then be seen pointing his gun at the deputy’s head. The deputy continues to attempt to wrestle Giron’s gun away from him before opening fire, fatally wounding Giron.

Moments after the shooting, Giron’s companion, Cetina, can be seen rushing up to the deputy and grabbing him before the deputy quickly backs away and levels his gun at Cetina.

After the incident, police discovered Cetina had also been carrying a handgun—reported stolen in West Seattle—in his backpack.  Cetina’s gun was not loaded, but he was found carrying two magazines of ammunition and an additional box of ammo in his bag.

After interviewing Cetina at SPD headquarters, detectives booked Cetina into the King County Jail for assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police also questioned a third man following the incident, but later released him.

SPD Homicide detectives continue to investigate the incident.

Raw video of the struggle and shooting begins at the 4:12 mark.

WARNING: Graphic video

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  • Joe Camel

    I fought the law and law won, I fought the law and the won!

    Forgetting to purchase a transit ticket while packing stolen heat to get busted down by transit security and out drawn by SPD. Priceless! Looks like someone forgot to tell that boy da POLICE shoot back and generally on target caused their allowed target practice on and off the range!

  • Kit

    The deceased felon, Oscar Perez Giron, made a series of mistakes that other criminals could learn from. Good job by the law enforcement officer.

  • Jay Jopa

    Good… less Spanish speaking lowlife leeching from taxpayers……he thought he was “entitled” to a free ride without paying his fare, instead he got a Dirt Nap.