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LISTEN: Police dispatcher takes report of choking baby, realizes it is her son (VIDEO)

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baby dispatcher

FOX40 News

baby dispatcher

FOX40 News

MARYSVILLE, Calif – It was that moment every parent fears, father Robert Kimball realized his 14-month-old son had swallowed a metal washer and he was choking.

Kimball realized in seconds that he couldn’t get the washer to come up or go down so he called 9-1-1.

FOX40 News in Sacramento obtained the audio of the emergency call.

“One year old infant that um just swallowed something and is starting to choke on it,” Kimball can be heard telling the dispatcher.

That dispatcher just happened to be a trainee working with a veteran dispatcher named Britney Melchor.

Melchor recognized Kimball’s voice instantly as that of her fiancée and took over the dispatch.

“Can you respond to my aid?” Melchor, audibly shaken, could be heard on radio traffic from that day. “My child is choking. Medical is en route.”


X-ray shows washer inside Maverick. Courtesy FOX40

As seconds ticked by Melchor and Kimball held their breath as the ambulance raced toward their son Maverick.

Then, suddenly Kimball was able to dislodge the washer from Maverick’s throat and the baby swallowed it.

“He’s – well – he’s amazing,” Melchor said of her fiancée.

The whole scary episode was 6-months ago, but today the Maverick and his parents are doing just fine.

Melchor was even honored with a certificate of appreciation from the Marysville City Council.

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