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Watch 2-year-old double amputee power through his first steps repeating ‘I got this’ (VIDEO)

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Kayden graphic

YouTube screen capture

ATLANTA, Ga – Kayden Elijah was born with many of his organs on the outside of his body and a band wrapped around his legs and feet.

After multiple surgeries Kayden beat the medical odds and survived.  But doctors weren’t able to save his right foot or his left leg, both had to be amputated.

However none of that is stopping the precocious 2-year-old from going places and doing things.

Recently thanks to braces, prosthetics and a tiny walker Kayden was able to take his first steps.

A few seconds after struggling to stay upright and move forward at the same time a member of Kayden’s family can be heard on video asking him if he’s got it?

“I got it,” he says once.  Then he says it again, “I got it.”

And instantly that becomes his mantra as he powers forward repeating ‘I got it’ over and over again.

Kayden’s family is working on a book about his fight in the hopes of making enough money to pay off their mounting medical bills.


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