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Kindergarten teacher stabbed to death in front of students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

People gather in front of the Albi, France, school Friday after a kindergarten teacher was fatally stabbed in class. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

PARIS (CNN) — A woman stabbed and killed a French kindergarten teacher in her classroom as students watched in horror Friday morning — the last day of school before summer break.

The teacher, 34, identified only as Fabienne, was stabbed in front of her students, allegedly by a parent of a child who attends the school in Albi in southwestern France, Education Minister Benoit Hamon told reporters at a news conference.

A suspect was taken into custody, Hamon said. He didn’t name the suspect or talk of a possible motive, but said she was the mother of a child who’d been attending the school only for a month and a half.

“It is my role, and it is the role of the government, to ensure that in the future we better protect our schools and shield (them) from violence,” Hamon said.

Fabienne was married with two young children and was a “fantastic teacher,” Hamon said.

French President Francois Hollande expressed dismay and said public servants would look after the children who witnessed the killing, according to his office.

A psychiatric unit has been set up to assist people in the community, Hamon said.

Albi is about 40 miles northeast of Toulouse.

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  • holler1012

    Why did you choose to run this story? It has no relevance to the greater Seattle community and only serves to remind us that there are violent, crazy, very out-of-touch people out there. We already have to endure enough reminders of that every second of every day. While this story might still technically have legs on television, it is very counter productive in a social media setting (Notice a lot of likes/comments on this? Exactly.). Furthermore, old paradigms of reporting are not only looked at as archaic now – people get very angry with local news (or mainstream media, in general) for still using them. Here’s a novel concept: Next time you’re reaching, go positive instead of choosing fear-inducing, shock value pieces. At this point, they only make you and your company look out of touch and add more fuel to the anti-local news, anti-media bandwagon.

  • Barry

    I am sorry to hear about the traumatic experience for those children. I hope they can get the help they need to get past this horrific event. Hmmm… In France there are no firearms allowed yet they still have school murders as well….. Maybe taking our firearms away will not solve the problem were having… maybe mental illness is the issue and should be looked at.