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Drivers abandon cars in flooding near Chicago airport


Courtesy WGN-TV

CHICAGO, Ill – Severe storms have wreaked havoc across Illinois this week.

Flooded roadways caused big problems around O’Hare International Airport in Chicago Tuesday morning reported WGN-TV.

The back-up was miles long and people were even leaving their cars to try and walk and catch their flights.

A massive sinkhole opened up Monday night in rural Kane County Illinois, swallowing a car and truck almost entirely.sink-hole-71

Emergency crews on scene had to cut two people out of a Ford Taurus, but neither was seriously hurt.  The driver of a truck was treated at the scene.

Deputies estimated the sinkhole to be 10 feet in diameter and deep enough that the Ford was completely below ground level when it was discovered.

A WGN-TV tower camera also caught lightning repeatedly striking the Willis Tower.

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