Police: Deputy shot, killed man at Sodo light-rail station after he pulled gun

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SEATTLE — A King County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a man at the Light Rail station at 500 S. Lander St. in Seattle’s Sodo district Monday afternoon after he pulled a gun, the Seattle Police Department said.

No one else was injured.

The Seattle Police Department said the incident began when three unarmed Metro Transit Fare Enforcement Officers contacted three male passengers to ensure they had paid fares on a southbound Light Rail train at Stadium Station.

One of the men could not provide proof of payment for his fare and all three were asked to exit the train at the Sodo light rail station near 4th Avenue S. and S. Lander, SPD said.

Fare Enforcement Officers requested assistance from a King County Sheriff’s deputy — KCSO provides contract security on buses, light rail lines and other transit in the Seattle Metro area — who arrived and contacted the three men.

One of the three men drew a handgun, and the deputy opened fire, killing him, SPD said.

That’s not how witness Marquez Davis saw it, however. He said that after the man was pulled off the train and the sheriff’s deputy arrived, a scuffle ensued.

“The sheriff reached around the security guard, who had the man up against the glass of the (transit) shelter … and pulled out his gun and shot the man point-blank range three times in the abdomen.”

“Don’t get me wrong, the man was resisting,” Davis said, but added that there were three fare enforcement officers and the sheriff’s deputy against the one man.

The deputy who fired his weapon has been with the sheriff’s office since 2002, and with Metro Transit since 2009.

Following the shooting, the sheriff’s office asked SPD to lead the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

The shooting drew a large response from law enforcement in the Seattle area and, just before 4:30 p.m., two SPD patrol officers and two other motorists sustained non-life-threatening injuries near 12th Ave and E. Spruce Street after the officers collided with several vehicles while responding to the shooting.




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  • Kit

    There's a lot of young people with guns making up their own rules. Lots of mugging and thuggery going on around the light rail. Unfortunately, for him, this troublemaker collied with the legal system. It will be interesting to read further details.

  • jeff

    The another example of some black thug believing they are entitled to free fare. Of course the media will do everything they can not to blame the perpetrator.

  • xavier horsedchode

    Civilization is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy. Violence done by those higher on the hierarchy to those lower is nearly always invisible, that is, unnoticed. When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized. Violence done by those lower on the hierarchy to those higher is unthinkable, and when it does occur is regarded with shock, horror, and the fetishization of the victims.

  • TheAmerican2014

    As a commuter, I'm so grateful for police like this. Why anyone would think it is a good idea to shoot a cop because he didn't want to pay for the light rail is beyond me. There is one reason for a situation to be escalated like that: entitlement. One time I forgot my transit card and got on the train. I sat down accepting the fact that I could be hit with a fine that day. I was not entitled to a free ride. If a fare enforcement guy would have come to my train car that day I would have been completely honest about forgetting my card. There's no way I would have fought about it and then pulled a gun on the police who questioned me about it. There is no reason for that. I'm grateful for any enforcement who would protect me from anyone who would get aggressive on the train because they didn't want to pay.

  • IHateDirtyCops

    The guy that got shot and killed was my friends brother and if you READ THE ACTUAL ARTICLE he did not have a gun there was an EYE WITNESS that said yes he did resist but NO GUN was pulled! And that it was 3 OFFICERS against him. How dare everyone assume that the person the cop gets is the bad guy WHEN THE COP SHOT HIM POINT BLANK 3 TIMES IN THE GUT! I hope that cop gets what is coming to him which should be exactly what he gave to a friend! COPS ARE PIGS. PERIOD!