WATCH: Man confronts officers after dog shot, ‘You guys killed my best friend’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SALT LAKE CITY — A man in Utah got a call from animal control officials saying police officers shot and killed his dog in the backyard of his home. Sean Kendall raced home and confronted the officers — and recorded the entire confrontation and posted it to his Facebook page.

On Thursday, Kendall told KSTU-TV that internal affairs investigators looked in the backyard and Kendall said the officer was about 20 feet into it when he fired two shots that killed 2-year-old weimeraner Geist.

Salt Lake City Police say they were searching June 18 for a missing 3-year-old and an officer went into Kendall’s backyard but felt threatened by Geist, causing him to open fire.

When Kendall arrived home, he confronted officers who were there, but the officer who shot the dog was gone, but so Sgt. Joseph Cyr talked with Kendall.

“We entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets,” Cyr said.

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the (deleted) gate,” Kendall said during the exchange. “Something’s gotta change, and I know it wasn’t you. I’m sorry but I’m (upset).”

KSTU-TV reported that Salt Lake City Police aren’t saying what specific threat Geist posed and said the investigation continues.

The seven Salt Lake City Council members sent a letter to Police Chief Chris Burbank saying the department needs to “educate” the public on police procedures when a child goes missing and how a search of nearby properties should be conducted.

“Within the community at large there’s a lot of people who have animals and have pets and are guardians of pets, they want the answers too,” said Carly Arky, director of communications for the Humane Society of Utah.

“I think we’re suited to work with the police department, but that’s up to them to contact us. The story’s building. The story is building, and I think the frustration is building.”

WARNING: This video contains graphic language/content

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  • The World is Ending

    The cop was just being an asshole, he didn't feel threatind. I can never have any respect for a guy like this, badge or not, I can respect the person not the badge, getting a badge (unlike what some people believe) don't mean that you need to act like an ass that treats people like shit. When I have had an ecounter with police when they act nice I am nice when they act like an arogent ass I terete them with indifference. But the cop who shot the dog I bet a person will be next and the dog was just practice because he just wants to kill things. This is why I normally keep my gates locked.

    • LaChance

      I'm almost 60 and have never even gotten a traffic ticket. I have had interactions with cops. The state Police that I have encountered here in Michigan have always ben professional and worries, no fact I've had them cut me slack..hence no tickets. On the other hand, the local and less well trained cops are disgusting asshats and I wouldn't spit in their faces if their eyes were on fire. They've murdered unarmed citizens and harassed people just because they don't like them or their politics (small town). They all need psych evals before being hired and make sure that they aren't just a bunch of Barney Fife's with chips on their shoulder's.

      • The World is Ending

        I understand here in WA part of the training the WA state patrol have is how to “be nice, polite, and reasonably friendly” I have met several of them and they are general pretty nice guys, even most deputy sheriffs I have met are pretty ok guys, but most not all local city cops have been arrogant conceited jerks.

  • LaChance

    cops are cowards and they also just can't wait to use their service guns. they need to just go to the range, but that isn't as fun as killing something. every pig needs a psych eval before being accepted into thuggery school. fascist bastards.

  • Ted

    What is the deal, lately? Or is it that I just didn’t notice before? Cops are morons….or at least the ones making the news are….. Somebody knew this cop was f’d up, that’s why he wasn’t there after the shooting. Chickenshit shooting. Why did this idiot draw his service revolver, in the first place? WTF? And, I noticed no picture of THIS guy, I guess we don’t make rock stars out of cops that kill, but if you’re a criminal, we’re gonna make a male model out of you………morons………

  • Seattle

    I feel sorry for the guy that lost his dog because a cop wanted to shoot something. He shouldn't be a cop if he is afraid of a dog sitting in his yard!

  • sun

    Wow this is the not first story of an officer shooting a dog.

    The cop entered someone’s else property without a warrant or consent by the owner and shot the mans best friend. The cop shouldn’t have entire the yard. If he felt threaten by a dog, do you think a three year old would be back there? The officer chose tentire the yard, and should get in trouble. Badge or not, cops and people should have different rules to follow.

    It’s common sense to stay away from a yard if you think the dog is aggressive or threatening.

    Justice needs to be serve. The man lost his best friend and cant ever see him again.

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Cops should only feel threatened when the situation is threatening. The "I was scared" defense isn't going to fly here. This was a case of target practice on a person's pet with a weak, failed excuse and nothing more.

  • Joshua Page

    That is so sad. My Dag and cat are my family. I hope people take action against this. The officer needs to be pushing a pencil and not carrying a gun.

  • Joe Camel

    What I want to know is how these q13 bozos forgot to license their domain name, did they work for the government health care web site roll out?

  • Libtards

    Look at all these seattle morons commenting on something they have no clue. You are all a bunch of whiny bleeding heart liberals. You weren't there. You just hate anything that has to do with authority. Bunch of hippies. Yeah, I'm sure this cop really just wanted to go out and shoot a dog. Man you seattle freaks are annoying. You wonder why your city is garbage and getting worse by the day.

    • Guest

      Look up dogs shot by police on facebook. This is not new. you didn't have to be there to know what probably happened because it happens every 98 hours. same excuses of "i was scared and it charged" these people aren't "bleeding heart liberals" or "morons". If you are an example of where you come from, then just by looking at how you treat people you don't even know, your city must be trash.