DUH! Thief caught on camera … stealing surveillance cameras

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


WHITE CENTER — File this story under dumb criminals.

A determined thief would stop at nothing to get his hands on his loot. He was after a pair of security cameras – but the cameras were rolling in stunning high definition.

“Young wannabe gangsters like this don’t really fit, and they won’t really succeed in our community,” said Tommy Martin.

Martin, who helps run the Speed of Sound studio in White Center, got a big surprise Monday morning when he discovered his high-end surveillance cameras had vanished.

The nondescript studio on Delridge Way was equipped with high-definition security cameras before a thief in the night decided he wanted them more.

“This genius had endeavored to steal our cameras,” said Martin. “We can access all our cameras from phone anywhere in the world.”

So when Tommy played back the video, he found a guy working extra hard for the score.

Surveillance video shows the man placing a piece of wood against the wall, and then returning with another plank that he uses to swat at them without mercy.

“He succeeded in knocking them off their plank; he probably damaged them,” Martin said. “I’m not sure if he was able to sell them.”

Even though the crook got away with the loot, the cameras captured his crime – and his picture — for all to see.

“We hope this may dissuade him from this type of career,” Martin added.

The shop is already working to replace their cameras with something they can hide in the walls.

Police are working the case.

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