Search warrant: Oregon high school shooter took gun from his brother

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Scene of deadly June 10 shooting at Reynolds High School.
(Photo: KPTV)

TROUTDALE, Oregon (KPTV) — The teenager who shot and killed a classmate at Reynolds High School took the gun from his brother, a member of the U.S. Army Reserve program, according to documents obtained by KPTV.


Emilio Hoffman, 14, was shot to death in the boys locker room at Reynolds High School. (Photo via KPTV)

Jared Padgett, 15, took the bus to school on June 10, entered the boys locker room and shot and killed 14-year-old freshman Emilio Hoffman.

Teacher Todd Rispler was also grazed by a bullet on his hip.

Padgett was confronted by officers, went into a small restroom and shot and killed himself.

According to court documents released Thursday, a green “Army style” duffle bag was found next to the shooter with the name “PADGETT L” on it. Nearby was a guitar case, as well as an AR-15 M4 .223 caliber semi-automatic rifle and numerous extra loaded magazines.

Immediately after the shooting, Padgett’s brother Lucas went to the Wood Village Fred Meyer, which had been set up as a staging area for parents to meet with their children.

Court documents state Lucas Padgett did not find his brother and returned home. That’s when he saw his rifle was not where he had left it in the bedroom he shares with Jared Padgett.


Jared Padgett (Photo from Facebook via KPTV)

Investigators contacted Lucas Padgett and showed him photos of the bag and guitar case found at the scene of the shooting. He identified the bag as his military issued equipment, according to court documents. He also said the guitar case was from their home.

Police previously said the gun had been secured and Jared Padgett “defeated the security measures.” Court documents do not elaborate on how the gun was stored or the way Jared Padgett gained access to it.


Search warrant photo of guitar case and duffle bag carried by Jared Padgett at the scene of a deadly shooting at Reynolds High School. (Photo via KPTV)

Police said Jared Padgett was also carrying a semi-automatic handgun, a large knife and was wearing a non-ballistic vest used for carrying ammo, along with a camouflage multi-sport helmet, at the time of the shooting.

According to court documents, a classmate interviewed following the shooting told investigators he talked to Padgett daily and saw
him get off the school bus that day.

When he tried to say hello to him, the witness told police Padgett did not respond. He admitted the guitar case seemed suspicious, court documents state, because it appeared to be carrying something heavier than a guitar with an “odd weight displacement.”

The witness told investigators Padgett often spoke of owning and shooting guns, including the AR-15.

In a letter to FOX 12 Oregon, Michael Padgett, father of Jared Padgett, wrote that their family, “does not condone and has never promoted violence or hatred toward anyone.” Michael Padgett also offered condolences to the victims and apologized to the community.

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