6 seniors suspended for allegedly being drunk at school assembly

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

photoPUYALLUP — The Puyallup School District is investigating six seniors from Rogers High School who are accused of showing up drunk at a school assembly.

“What if one of them got behind the wheel of a car and killed somebody,” asked one concerned mom. “I think it needs to be out there that this is going on.”

The incident apparently happened during an assembly Tuesday morning to honor the senior class.

“You could tell some kids walking out of there, they were stumbling,” said Aaron, a junior student.

“They were getting taken out of the assembly one by one,” said Brendan, also a junior. “I think they could smell it, smell the alcohol on them.”

Brian Fox, spokesman for the school district, said, “This is certainly something we don’t want to sweep under the rug.”

Fox said the parents of the six accused seniors were called in to take them home and they were suspended for the rest of the week while the district investigates.

“Discipline is clearly a part of the process, but the intent is to help whenever there’s a substance concern,” said Fox.

The punishment could be anything from going to a substance abuse program to not walking at the graduation ceremony this weekend.



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  • Rogers Student

    They get to walk now. There is no punishment at all they get rewarded by getting out of school early. This was definitely swept under the rug. The school district SUCKS.

  • welshie92

    This is what we are focusing on now? I used to attend this school. I have seen things that are way waaaaaaay worse than a few seniors being drunk at an assembly. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that go on there. This is nothing.

    • Fledgey

      No, let kids actually learn that there are consequences for your behavior. If this ruins their life, they must be really fragile. Mom and dad can't protect your entitled behavior forever.

  • run2rem

    This is one of the biggest problems nowadays. Kids not getting disciplined or punished for their actions! Yes, there are way worse things kids could be or are doing these days BUT lets let this go and let them know they got away with it this time and God forbid they think they can get away with driving intoxicated next time and kill someone or themselves. RUIN THEIR LIVES??? WOW!! It's not the public ruining their lives…if something does happen to them, THEY did this to themselves!

  • RHS student

    There are things that are going on that are way worse but that doesn’t make what they did right and unpunishable. As a graduate of class 2014 at this school I know there are kids that have worked there tails off for acidemic and athletic awards and our class won’t be remembered for that now that these idiots got hammered at an assembly not only have we been known as the std school (2005) but now were the drunk school that has no disapline. I’m very disappointed in the school districts decisions on how they chose to punish these idiots (suspension, drug and alcohol class) I think they should NOT be able to walk at commencement ceremony also. They not only embarrassed themselves and their families, but I for one am embarrassed as hell to have my diploma be from Rogers high school class of 2014 the class that couldn’t have a good time sober and got away with it. Step up your game Puyallup school district. I will be making a scene at graduation if these students are allowed to walk.

    • Clyde

      I think you should be ashamed of the education you got from them. There are far too many grammar and spelling mistakes in your post.

    • Janie

      I'd be more embarrassed at being a graduating senior who doesn't know how to spell or structure a sentence. Several seniors break a rule ONE DAY; that justifies punishing them by taking away what they've worked hard to achieve for four years? Kind of get yourself off on Draconian punishments for others it seems. You'd have been right up there throwing sticks on Joan of Arc's feet, since the courts decided she broke the rules by being a witch. Make a scene; people will laugh at you. I hope they are allowed to walk at their commencement ceremony; they earned it as much as you did.

  • hello?!

    Ruin these kids lives??? How about when they get behind the wheel when school is out and kill your family in a drunk driving accident? The last thing we need to a bunch of drunk 17 year olds who hardly can drive in the first place on the road wasted. Glad they were caught, if you are stupid enough to go to SCHOOL drunk, come on! And how is it even fun to be drunk….at school??? they should not walk. I am sure there are much worse things happening there at Rogers, but this luckily prevented a huge unneeded tragedy.

  • A Senior Mom

    This is a tragedy and a sad day in those 6 students lives. Should they receive a “life sentence” for making a very bad decision?…The answer to that would be “no”. They have worked for 13 years to get to this moment and one days poor choice should not Mark who they are. Should they receive punishment for their actions? Absolutely! But let the punishment fit the crime.

  • RHS kid

    How these idiots got away without any punishment is beyond me. I attend Rogers and know that these drunks are “favorites” and the “popular” kids… I don’t even want to walk with these people who have ruined our school’s reputation. Public intoxication and underage drinking don’t matter I guess… as long as mommy and daddy complain enough in an effort to conceal their terrible excuse of parenting. The Puyallup School District is so backwards and has utterly failed me as a student and as a model citizen.

  • hello?!

    Sad even parents defend the actions of underage drinking and how the problem could have been more serious. Senior mom, you realize if you are not 21 it is against the law to be intoxicated right? These kids didn't think there could have been a possibility of not walking if they got caught? They made the choice to consume and show up on school grounds. A strict punishment could ultimately change some of these kids ways and realize alcohol can cause nothing but trouble.

  • Jr. Student

    Today students wanted to protest the decision of the 6 seniors still getting to walk, still getting their scholarships, for breaking the underage drinking law but wanting to start a food fight. Thankfully they where stupid enough to plan this through twitter where staff saw it. The teachers and staff that didn't have class during lunch watched the lunchroom. I understand wanting to protest the school district's decision but that's what it is the school district's. The Rogers staff didn't want them to walk either. Protest the school district's building not the school stupids. And yes these 6 students should be accountable for their actions. Suspension for the rest of the week is not punishment seeing as their last day was today. It was more letting them have summer early. They should not walk during the graduation ceremony, they should not get their scholarships, the should have gotten in-school suspension. What they did was under age drinking which is illegal and very rude seeing as the assembly was to honor them. This was no accident. They knew full well what they where doing.

  • A Senior Mom

    An answer for Hello?!: To answer your question, yes, I 100% know it is against the law and feel they should be held accountable. But what most people fail to realize is they WILL be held accountable. They will lose their drivers licenses, have to pay fines, have to go to drug and alcohol counseling, etc. This is not something I made up, but a Washington State law and a fact. So to punish them further is not for you nor I to decide; it is for the law to decide. They will feel the eyes upon them at graduation, they will feel the regret and remorse. I think the focus needs to be on preventing this from happening in the future, not on making examples out of these students.

  • Rogers Alumni

    From what I've heard, they will be walking, but separately from the rest of their class. Personally I feel a walk of shame in front of thousands of others is worse than not walking at all.

  • Rogers Alum

    They will be walking. The rest of the students that are graduating have said they do NOT want to sit in the same row as these 6 idiots. The rest of the student body has said that they WILL heartily boo these 6 idiots.

    As for saying it is one day, do you really believe this is the first time these 6 idiots have drank underage? Are you really that naive?

    And Hello!?, I would guess there is at least one parent of one of these students on this forum commenting. They don't want their little angel still in the house, so will do everything they can to get them across that stage.