Best day of the week today, rain returns soon

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The last day for wall-to-wall beautiful sunshine around the NW today. Rain coming back tomorrow afternoon.

I’m not sure what you’ve got planned today- but think about trying to get outside. Lunch on a patio, coffee in the park, a mid-day jog? All are good ideas for today. I think today will be the nicest day this week. Warmer than yesterday, sunnier than yesterday. And most important of all– tomorrow looks to end our unseasonably long dry streak.

TODAY in a word: beautiful! Mostly sunny skies with increasing high clouds this afternoon. High temps around Seattle/Puget Sound 70-75, closer to 80 around Portland/Willamette Valley. The clouds increase tonight with overnight lows in the 50s.

TOMORROW starts out dry. Coast sees showers by about mid-morning, inland along I-5 as we get into the afternoon. High temps a bit cooler, back into the 60s. Showers likely into tomorrow night with overnight lows in the 50s.

THE WEEKEND doesn’t look too bad. FRIDAY looks cool and showery. Those showers look to taper off completely by dinner time though. SATURDAY has a slight chance of showers, otherwise a bit cool with lots of clouds. SUNDAY is Father’s Day, this year it should have a mix of clouds and sun with a few showers possible in the afternoon. High temperatures this weekend a bit chilly about mid to low 60s.

NEXT WEEK we’re trending back dry again by the middle of the week.

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