SPU hero’s brother speaks at morning church service

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPUSEATTLE — Students at Seattle Pacific University are preparing to start finals, just days after a deadly shooting on campus.

Grief counselors and therapy dogs have been on campus helping students and staff cope, and get ready for the week ahead.

Chad Meis knows the SPU campus all too well and he feels the students’ pain.

“We’re praying for you. We’re crying with you. We’re seeking the hope of the Lord in the midst of this,” hero Jon Meis’ brother Chad Meis.

Chad is an SPU graduate.

He studied in Otto Miller Hall.

He worked the same security desk his brother was working Thursday when the alleged shooter, 26-year old Aaron Ybarra walked in and opened fire, killing 19-year old Paul Lee and injuring two others.

“On behalf of my brother and our family we’re so blessed and honored for the way people have reached out to us. We really just want to extend our prayers and our encouragement and ask that everyone would continue to support the other victims and their families as well,” Meis said.

Meanwhile all over campus and at the site of the memorial, students are offering their support and they too are getting support from all over the world.

“Many people are just saying; how can we come alongside you as you’re kind of there on the front lines so we’ve been very grateful for that kind of there on the front lines so we’ve been very grateful for that kind of support,” First Free Methodist Church Pastor Blake Wood said.

Students say they are all one and one with God.

Support and compassion comes natural at this deeply religious, Christian University.

Just look at the banners on Paul Lee’s dorm.

‘The Bubble’ is what a lot of them lovingly call their campus.

“The past few days have just been like a whirlwind of emotion and. We’re all just kind of holding on to each other. It’s going to be rough leaving right after something like this has happened because we all just want to be with each other,” SPU Student Sarah Kiefer said.

Another prayer service will be held Monday at 7pm at Saint Anne.

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