Will Seattle’s $15 minimum wage spread across the state?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CR Douglas: $15 minimum wage ballot measureSEATTLE – Fresh on the heels of  their recent victory in the Seattle City Council, supporters of the $15 minimum wage are eyeing other cities to bring their movement to, the Seattle Times report.

Organizers are looking at cities like Bellevue and Spokane, the Seattle Times reported. Supporters of the $15 minimum wage want to raise the state minimum wage above the current $9.32 an hour.

“I think other cities are going to have to start looking at it,” David Rolf, president of SEIU Healthcare 775 told the Times. Rolf  thinks that it makes sense to boost the state’s minimum wage to cities like Bellevue, Olympia, Bellingham and Spokane, but maybe not as high as $15 an hour.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant said that she’s already heard from people in Tacoma and Bellevue, and other cities, that are interested in similar proposals, the Times reported.

The debate over raising the minimum wage is also being discussed in cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, the paper reported.

In San Francisco the minimum wage is $10.74 an hour.  In Chicago, it’s $8.25 an hour.

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  • Jake

    Yes, let's raise the minimum wage across the state where small businesses would no longer be able to afford to pay workers and have to lay some people off. Let's increase our daily expenses so that people who lack education or experience should make the same as others that do. Let's not obtain some concrete evidence on how this $15 minimum wage will effect the city of Seattle first and propose the same idea to other cities. I really wonder how David Rolf can simply state "It makes sense to boost the state's minimum wage…" without providing us some more information on why it does. It saddens me to see the state that we're in.

  • Ted

    Sorry you’re saddend, Jake, but it’s been proven around the world, …a stronger wage means strong economy. And where do you get the notion that these business owners work on a ‘shoe string budget? ….They don’t.

    • Jake

      Although I agree with you that a stronger wage means stronger economy. This only holds true if this happens for everyone. The minimum wage only increases the MINIMUM wage where as everyone else's salary remains the same. This will drive the cost of living to increase, making people spend less to get by. This policy has already been implemented in the Seatac airport and many of the waitresses there are not making as much tips as they used to, some hotel workers are having their hours cut, and from an article I've been reading even benefits are being cut. I am not implying that the business owners work on a 'shoe strong budget' but if you watch the news, many of the owners will not be able to provide service like they used to.