LIST: Top 5 LGBT-friendly cities in the nation

gay flagSEATTLE — June 1 marks the start of LGBT Pride Month, and our state has made historic advances in same-sex marriage and equality regardless of sexual identity.

But where does Seattle rank in the list of most LGBT-friendly cities in the U.S.?

Finance blog NerdWallet has compiled its list of the most LGBT-friendly cities, based on the presence of the gay community, LGBT-friendly laws and opportunities, and safety and tolerance. It ranks Seattle as first in the nation as LGBT friendly!

Seattle has the highest percentage of same-sex households of all major cities in the nation. With legalized gay marriage, a relatively low rate of sexual orientation hate crimes and a high amount of community organizations, Seattle is full PRIDE.

Most LGBT-Friendly Cities in U.S.

1) Seattle

2) San Francisco

3) Atlanta

4) Oakland, CA

5) Long Beach, CA

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  • Joe Camel

    Sodom and Gomorrah encouraged and boasted of their approval for sexual deviancy as well look what that got them.

  • Ted

    Sodom and Gomorrah are a myth. You have got some kind of hang-up with other peoples sex,@Joe Camel. Have you ever heard the saying “Nunya”?


    What about all the heterosexual 'sinners' who are divorced and remarried??? What does the Bible say about THAT??? I'll bet fully 1/3 of your church congregations are divorced and remarried. According to the Bible they are now lining in sin. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!