High school: 4 students hacked into teacher’s computer, changed grades

MONROE, Wash. — Monroe High School officials say four students hacked into their teacher’s computer record book and changed their own grades.

The school said the incident happened two weeks ago, when two of the students used their techie talents — and a key logging device that records the sequence of key strokes that the teacher used as a password into the electronic grade book. Once they were in, they gave themselves and two of their friends passing grades.

But the students were so excited by what they had done that they bragged about it to others. And school staff investigated after receiving a tip.

The school district released this statement to Q13 FOX News:  “It is very sad that these young people were so frightened of failing.There are many options available for Monroe High students to get help. We want students to be successful, not fearful.”

The school said the students were disciplined, but would not say if any were suspended or expelled.

But as a result, students will no longer be allowed access to teachers’ computers.

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